Dredd 2 Conversations Are Happening, According To Karl Urban

Dare we hope for a trilogy?

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

dreddActors like Harrison Ford have for decades been answering questions about reprising their most famous roles, but Karl Urban is just getting into the thick of it when it comes to fans jumping down his throat about the possibility of a sequel to Pete Travis’ Dredd, which bombed in the theaters but was a smash hit in home release. And while each of Urban’s comments in the past have been positive in nature (though never in actual confirmations), he offered the faintest glimmer of a reflection of hope recently, confirming that “conversations” are happening between Travis, gung-ho screenwriter Alex Garland, and Lionsgate execs. Woo hoo!

Now, to be fair, it’s entirely plausible that those conversations are filled with comments like, “Sorry, Pete and Alex, but we definitely think the idea of a sequel stinks worse than Mega-City One’s sewers.” But it could easily be going the other way, with Garland and Travis tying Lionsgate’s suits up to a merry-go-round and spinning it until they agree to make another film. At some point in the future, I fully expect this road to Dredd 2 to be the subject of a fan-made documentary.

Urban dropped this non-bombshell at the “Destination Star Trek event being held in Frankfurt, Germany, where he also publicly agreed with fans that Liongate completely botched the film’s marketing. Producer Adi Shankar has in the past admitted that pushing the film as Dredd 3D probably kept more viewers away than it drew in, and the studio has acknowledged just how well Dredd has done in DVD and Blu-ray sales. I’m sure they’re also intrigued by the immediate first-edition sell out of the “sequel” comic book series. Now that everyone knows what they’re getting into, perhaps moviegoers won’t be quite so reluctant to spend the money at the theaters this go-around.

Here’s a shot of Urban at the event, looking oh so uncomfortable in those little half-egg chairs.

karl urban

Also at Destination Star Trek was William Shatner, who said he’s working on a documentary called Wacky Doodle that will document the behind-the-scenes work done in creating Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also confirmed that he will never appear in any of J.J. Abrams‘ future Star Trek films. Equally sad news for some came from actor Connor “Trip” Trinneer, who said that the online campaign to get Star Trek: Enterprise resurrected at Netflix has done nothing to convince CBS and Paramount that a show revival is the right way to go.

They should just spend their time helping Lionsgate make another Dredd movie. It’s the right thing to do.