Comic(s) Relief – Dredd: Uprise Returns To The Movie Universe With A Bang

If you loved the Dredd movie, you'll want to check this out.

By David Wharton | Updated

UpriseFeatEven though Dredd fans are still waiting for a live-action sequel to get the greenlight, it’s rather amazing that the box office failure has managed to inspire not only a crazyballs bootleg animated series, but also official comic book sequels. Enter Rebellion’s Dredd: Uprise #1, the first in a two-issue arc continuing the cinematic storyline of Dredd. It’s mildly disappointing that this intriguing storyline will already be completed by this time next month, but it will hopefully assist convince producers and studios that we need more big-screen Dredd in our lives.

In Dredd: Uprising, some citizens of Mega-City One — particularly those in the slummy part called “The Spit” — are protesting the massive mega-block construction called Oemling being built right in the middle of everything. When one Judge unknowingly steals the car of a community hero, the level of unrest grows monumentally. Behind it all is a faceless Anonymous-type threat that calls itself “Uprise,” with a more progressive and bullet-ready approach to protesting. But who is Uprise?

In spite of this being a Judge Dredd comic, Dredd himself isn’t the most major player here, though he does deliver justice in a most amazing way in the beginning. I have a feeling things will get even more hectic and all-encompassing in the second issue, as a group of butt-ugly robotic reinforcements have been granted to the police force. All in all, this is another fine Dredd adventure — or at least half of one — and I cannot wait to see how the helmeted hero brings this situation to its knees.

This Week’s New Sci-Fi Comics

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CapVic3Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #3 (Dynamite Entertainment)

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DW11-4Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #4 (Titan Comics)

Alice Obiefune always wanted to see a space station, one of those proper ones, like on television, with impressive bulkheads, sweeping corridors, and stunning views of eternity. Maybe with an exotic matter wormhole nearby, if it’s not too much trouble. Aliens optional, but a bonus as long as they’re friendly. That’s just one of the reasons Alice and the Doctor have come to a remote space research facility. Tracking the temporal trail of the slippery SERVEYOUinc corporation, has the Doctor found more than he bargained for? And will this entity from between the stars be the death of them all?

DreddUprise1Dredd: Uprise #1 (Rebellion)

From the writer of Dredd: Underbelly and the artist of X-Men Legacy comes a new Dredd movie sequel mini-series. In the neglected sector of Mega-City One known as The Spit, tensions are reaching boiling point amongst the citizens as the shiny new mega-block Oemling Tower is being constructed for those that can afford to live in it. As the Judges face running battles with rioters, the underground movement known as Uprise stokes the flames of dissent.

Guardians20Guardians of the Galaxy #20 (Marvel Comics)

The FINAL CHAPTER of what really happened in the Cancerverse!

Remember when Star-Lord and Nova were going to sacrifice their lives to take out Thanos?

And remember how Drax was supposed to have died?

Well, Nova seems to be the only one missing now. Time to get some answers here!

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Roche2Roche Limit #2 (Image Comics)

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Hey, it’s The Brand and Sweet Boy!