Tomorrow Is Day Of Dredd 2014, So Go Get Dredd-y For It

By Nick Venable | Updated

dreddBoy, we sure hope your mother’s birthday isn’t tomorrow, because that celebration has been usurped by Day of Dredd 2014! Now in its second year of trying to persuade Hollywood money-hemorrhagers that Dredd 2 is the greatest idea they’ll ever have, Day of Dredd 2014 is falling on Wednesday, October 1, which means it’s time to once again show the world that we’re really, really fucking sorry that a lot of us didn’t go watch Dredd in theaters.

For a grassroots effort, the “Make a Dredd Sequel” campaign has been stunningly successful. With over 95,000 fans on its Facebook page and over 125,000 petition signers, this push for sequel equality helped to put Dredd atop the DVD and Blu-ray charts in multiple countries for last year’s Day of Dredd. If its previous success on home video (or whatever) wasn’t already a clear sign that audiences were itching for a ticket back to Mega City One, surely the swell in copies sold on that day would make some waves. 30,000 more people signed the petition that day, thanks to the massive amount of media coverage. And yet here we are, one year later, still sitting outside the wishing well with nary a legitimate step forward toward Dredd 2‘s potential existence.

Much like events occurring while under the influence of “Slo-Mo,” the trek towards a sequel is an exercise in tedium, but it’s still an effort that has gained the support of Karl Urban and, in this recent picture, Judge Dredd co-creator/artist Carlos Ezquerra.

Post by Make a DREDD Sequel.

Producer Adi Shankar recently put out a public “thank you” to all of the Dredd fans that turned a box office failure into a cult phenomenon in just two years’ time. Let’s blow all of their minds by supporting the Judge Dredd franchise in every way possible. (Find links to recent merch here.)

Buy it. Rent it. Or, far more likely to happen this year, stream it on Netflix or Amazon Prime. That may end up being a smart move in the long run, now that Netflix is fully capable of funding whatever original material they want. It won’t be long before the streaming service starts showing up more and more as a cinematic production company, and Dredd 2 would be a great place for it to start. So just stream the movie all day long tomorrow, even if you aren’t home. Play it on your phone. Make your goldfish watch it.

And even if you aren’t the one having the viewing, just introducing Dredd into one person’s life is all it takes. It would also be pretty cool if you painted your car to look like Dredd’s helmet. You should do that. I’m definitely going to, so you should, too. And if I don’t see you tomorrow, Happy Day of Dredd everybody!