Dredd 2: The Musical Tunefully Demands Karl Urban Put That Helmet Back On

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

“I started out as Eomer, and next I played McCoy. But once I put that helmet on, it sparked my greatest joy.”

So begins the most epic appeal for a sequel to ever exist. Just imagine it: Dredd 2: The Musical. Created by the massive talents at Legolambs, this cry for more Judge Dredd is absolutely amazing, from the booming music to the speaker-rattling vocals of Jon and Al Kaplan. If petitions and emails and social media swarms can’t get DNA Films and company to make this follow up a reality, this musical is more than able to take the task on.

It takes guts (and tree-thick vocal cords) to pull off Karl Urban’s Dredd voice in a singsong fashion, but these guys fucking nail it.

“…back to the box to patro-o-o-o-ol!”

Dredd 2: The Musical brings up the depressingly prescient fact that Dredd 2 will probably remain just a wish, a faint glimmer on the horizon, with a reboot coming later on with another actor in the role. At which point a bunch of Karl Urban lookalikes will undoubtedly bring a thunderstorm of pain down on whoever is responsible.

To some, this may sound like the film’s fervent fan base is beating a dead horse, but it’s actually just a horse that refuses to die, kept alive by minuscule rumors and good will. But it’s not just us. As the video points out, even Sylvester “I like to show my face” Stallone’s Judge Dredd wants there to be another film. (Though his motives are suspect.) The vocal interplay between the two “actors” in the end is just great and makes me wish Legolambs would tour across the country. This needs to be seen live, by as many people as possible.

Seriously though, let’s get Dredd 2 into existence. Share this video. Share your love. Keep Star Trek 3 from happening as soon as it’s supposed to so Urban has the free time to reprise his role.

When it comes to fan-made videos, it’s tough to top Legolambs, assuming you don’t mind cool shit. A few years ago, they put together the equally great John Carpenter’s The Thing: The Musical, in the style of Frank Sinatra.

And if you’re in the mood for something a little more depressing (but still silly), check out Legolambs’ tribute to Harold Ramis, A Song for Egon.

The time for sadness is over. The time for Dredd 2 is now. Write your local congressman, if he happens to also work for a production company.