Beloved Fantasy TV Series Gets Movie In The Works With Super Talent

By Jacob VanGundy | Updated

Six years after the original series ended, an Adventure Time movie is in the works along with two new spin-off series. The beloved series brought fantasy and adventure to Cartoon Network, spawning multiple spin-offs and launching many careers. Some of the most well-respected creators who worked on the original show will return to work on the upcoming film. 

Adventure Time’s Legacy

Adventure Time Series

While a feature-length Adventure Time movie may be new, it did begin as an animated short film on Nicktoons in 2007. It became a full series in 2010 on Cartoon Network, where it became a defining show for the station, with many future shows imitating its tone and use of continuity. The show spawned numerous spin-offs, comic books, video games, and albums of original music

The story of Adventure Time, which the movie will likely continue in some fashion, is centered on Finn the human and his brother Jake the dog. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy version of Earth called Ooo, a magical land that arose from the ashes of a nuclear war. The original series told a winding story that involved dozens of characters, alternate dimensions, multiple political factions, and even a few deities. 

Original Talent Involved With Upcoming Movie

Adventure Time

Little is known about the Adventure Time movie which was announced ahead of the Warner Bros. Animation panel at the Annecy Animation Festival. No plot details or a release date were given for the upcoming project. It’s also unknown if the film will be given a theatrical release or if it will be developed for a streaming service. 

The only real information about the Adventure Time movie is that some of the best creative minds who worked on the original series will be involved. Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar, Over the Garden Wall creator Patrick McHale, and Fionna and Cake showrunner Adam Muto will all work on the film. This all-star group of creators already familiar with the franchise is the biggest reason to get excited about the project.  

Side Quest Prequel Series Coming Down The Pipe

Adventure Time Finn and Jake

One of the projects announced alongside the Adventure Time movie is the series Adventure Time: Side Quests. This series sounds similar to the original show working as a prequel that follows a younger Finn and Jake. The main difference will be its commitment to telling one-off stories instead of focusing on continuity with an over-arching story.  

Adventure Time: Hey BMO

Adventure Time: Hey BMO

The other spin-off announced is Adventure Time: Heyo BMO. Unlike Side Quests and the movie, it will be a show targeted at a younger audience, though that could mean anything from toddlers to early elementary school age. It will follow the sentient game console BMO after moving out of Finn and Jake’s tree house. 

Fiona And Cake

Adventure time Fionna and Cake

While the franchise has never lain dormant for long, with spin-offs like the incredible Fionna and Cake series from 2023 keeping it alive, it’s still exciting to see so many new projects from the franchise. The shows seem to be focused on bringing the world to new, younger fans, but the movie may try to focus on the core audience of the original show. The Adventure Time movie is exciting news for one of the greatest animated franchises ever.

Source: Variety