Your First Look At The Dredd: Superfiend Miniseries Isn’t What You Expect

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Dredd SuperfiendAs much as fans are frothing at the mouth, screaming for an addition to Pete Travis’ adaptation of 2000 AD’s Judge Dredd comics, Dredd, we’re just not likely going to get any more, at least not in a traditional sense. That’s just the unfortunate reality of the situation (there is this sweet musical though). The film was an absolute bust at the box office, and though it broke records when it hit the home video market and found an entirely new, rabidly devoted fan base in the process, studios aren’t exactly lining up to produce another installment. But we’ve got comic book follow-ups, and producer Adi Shankar announced earlier this month that was working on an online miniseries, which we now have our first look at, and it may not be what you anticipated.

Shankar’s series takes the form of an animated telling of the “Dark Judges” storyline, and these pictures and poster, originating at EW, will definitely make you curious to check out the finished product. Titled Dredd: Superfiend, this definitely has an exaggerated, cartoonish feel, and though you can’t tell a ton from this, now I’m expecting some weird, twisted, dark action. Not an official sequel, this is intended to be more of something for the fans to enjoy and have fun with, rather than part of the canon, per say. (Shankar is also behind the Thomas Jane starring, unofficial pseudo-Punisher short from a few years back, the one that features the violent vigilante doing his laundry.)

dark-judges-header-4-1For those of you not familiar, the Dark Judges are a recurring set of villains in the Judge Dredd comics, comprised of Judge Death, Judge Fear, Judge Fire, and Judge Mortis. As you can tell by the names, they’re as happy a bunch of bastards as you’re likely to ever come across. The four—and later the Sisters of Death, Phobia and Nausea—were originally lawmen from a parallel dimension, and Death, the leader, decided that all of human life was, itself, a crime. Fun times ensued.

Dredd SuperfiendThere’s no specific date nailed down for Dredd: Superfiend’s release, but it was originally said to be dropping on October, totally for free by way. Considering that we’re rapidly approaching the end of the month, we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out. Given the sinister nature of the subject matter, it’s not hard to imagine this appearing in conjunction with Halloween and the general spookiness of the season.

Dredd Superfiend
Dredd Superfiend
Dredd Superfiend