Doctor Who? What If The Time Lord Was Played By American Actors Instead?

Gene Wilder as the Fourth Doctor? Sign me up.

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

And then we get to the show’s modern resurgence, and the one actor on the list that I’m dubious about: Nicolas Cage. Sure, Cage has talent, he can do quirky well, and he can be really good with the right material…but he can also be really, really bad. Laughingstock bad. Certainly bad enough that it’s kind of slam on Eccleston to suggest that Cage is his American equivalent. Then again, Eccleston isn’t immune from the whole “bad choices thing”…need we recall Destro in the horrific first G.I. Joe movie? Sure, Eccleston came off better thanks to being outshown in badness by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s what-the-fuck performance as Cobra Commander. Honestly though, I half suspect Smug Mode only picked Cage because it was easy for him to find a picture of the actor wearing a Ninth Doctor-style leather jacket.

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