Dead Space Concept Art Is Creepily Gorgeous

By David Wharton | Published

If you’re a die-hard Dead Space fan, you’ve probably already blown through the campaign of the third installment in the series. While the game has made its bones by serving up intense horror/sci-fi gameplay that is everything the recent Aliens: Colonial Marines should have been, but wasn’t. So while you may have put the game back on the shelf until the next sequel arrives, you might enjoy a brief pit stop back in the Dead Space universe courtesy of these images from The Art of Dead Space. (You can click the images for larger versions.)


The Dead Space games have been masterful at creating intense set pieces and slow-burn terror, but there’s also an impressively detailed world underlying the ongoing travails of engineer turned necromorph-slayer Isaac Clarke. If you’re a completist who spent many hours tracking every game’s secrets, The Art of Dead Space could give you an excuse to sit back and appreciate the visual design work that goes into the series, this time without worrying that a shambling, razor-armed freak is going to pop out of a vent and eviscerate you. It’s the little things.


The Art of Dead Space is currently available from Amazon for a mere $20.55.

The Art of Dead Space is the ultimate gallery of the Dead Space universe, with over 300 images including sketches and concept art by acclaimed artists from breathtaking spacescapes to terrifying necromorphs, character designs to creating a religion, plus commentary from the artists themselves. Includes art from Dead Space, Dead Space: Extraction, Dead Space: Ignition, and Dead Space 2.