Cross The Streams TV: The Walking Dead, Continuum, MythBusters, And More

Catch up on The Walking Dead and Continuum.

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

It’s finally the cool weather month of ghouls, goblins, and the cold tits of witches. Oh, and zombies, of course. And here on this week’s Cross the Streams, not only have the undead risen, but there was just too much interesting material to limit to just one feature, so we split them up into TV and movies. There’s no way in hell you guys should be bored this week. Unless you’re a naturally miserable person. But then we have something in common. Stream on!

walking dead season 3
The Walking Dead: Season 3 (Netflix Instant)
The best season yet of AMC’s The Walking Dead, which isn’t saying all that much, these 16 episodes are chock-full of awesome-looking zombies and slow-moving conversations. Comic fans rejoiced as the blade-wielding badass Michonne and the psychotic despot the Governor joined the cast, and the prison setting was used with some success. Lots of twists and surprises this season lead into what looks like an explosive fourth installment, which begins on October 13th. If you haven’t caught up yet, I see a shambling marathon in your future.

Continuum: Season 2 (Netflix Instant)
This Canadian series, which later aired on Syfy in the US, follows Kiera (Rachel Nichols), a cop who was sent back from the year 2077 to 2012 to hunt a handful of dangerous future criminals. After a a so-so pilot, Continuum had a surprisingly solid first season, and is supposed to have gotten even better as it traveled through season two. The sophomore effort introduced more time travel, crazy drugs, and insane outlaws. Unfortunately, I haven’t even watched any of these 13 episodes yet, but you can bet I’m jumping on that train sometime soon. At least, that’s what the me who time traveled back from 2015 said.

MythBusters: Season 10 (Netflix Instant)
I hope MythBusters continues on until it’s physically impossible for either Jamie Hyneman or Adam Savage to stand in front of a camera. Sure, it’s turned into the “let’s recreate movie moments and blow things up” show, but that hasn’t stopped it from being instantly watchable. Oddly enough, this is actually only half of the series’ tenth season, and some episodes are clearly left out. But we still get to see the extremely creepy Mission Impossible masks, as well as Chinese paper armor, cars with hood-mounted machine guns, running on water, and much more. Just don’t try any of it at home.

Bloomberg Brink: Robotic Boston and Brink: The Makers (Netflix Instant)
Bloomberg Brink is a weekly series that explores “the revolutionaries, dreamers, and disrupters” reshaping the future of entire industries. And I’m not going to lie to you guys, these might be some of the best and most interesting videos of their kind. Not a second of airtime is wasted on superfluous or repetitive information, and the subject matter is outstanding. The first one listed above, Robotic Boston, takes viewers into iRobot, Rethink Robotics, and several other upstart companies that are putting cost-effective droids into the daily lives of Bostonians, and soon the rest of the world. The Makers is slightly different, looking at several people who have revolutionized their fields in meaningful ways. My favorite part features famed Michelin Star chef Homaro Cantu, whose restaurant Moto has a fully functional laboratory inside, as well as an indoor farm where Cantu grows some of the restaurant’s food.

elon musk
Elon Musk: Bloomberg Risk Takers (Netflix Instant)
And there’s also an entirely different Bloomberg series called Risk Takers, which focuses on entrepreneurs taking the world by storm. I don’t think I have to tell you guys how amazing Elon Musk is. A co-founder of Paypal, he used all that internet money to get into about a billion other endeavors, including founding the private space company SpaceX. He wants to build a hyperloop, and he’s kind of my hero.

Revolution: Season 2 Weekly Episodes (Hulu Plus)
And if you’re looking for something a bit more current, don’t forget that Revolution‘s second season just started back up on NBC. Hulu Plus will have the episodes up the day after broadcast, so even if you miss them live, don’t have on demand, or forgot to set the DVR, you can stay up to date on wacky, post-apocalyptic antics of Charlie, Miles, and company. Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, let’s all watch it just to ensure that we keep as much sci-fi on the air as possible.

That’s it for this week’s special TV edition of Cross the Streams. See you in the film version, or see you next time. At least, if the zombies don’t get you.