Comic(s) Relief: Rick Remender Will Channel ’80s Sci-Fi Action In Tokyo Ghost

By David Wharton | Updated

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tokyo_ghost_01_02scolTokyo Ghost is set on the islands of “New Los Angeles” (presumably after “the big one” hit?) in 2189. As Image’s description of the series puts it, “Humanity has become nothing more than a sea of consumers, ravenous and starving wolves, sick from toxic contamination, who have to borrow, beg, and steal for the funds to buy, buy, buy their next digital fix.” Day-to-day life has become so miserable that the only solace most people can hope for is to “escape” via entertainment, so naturally the entertainment industry is now run by criminals. Led Dent and Debbie Decay are constables of the law, but their job isn’t as benevolent as that might sound. They’re basically the enforcers the crooks turn to when they want bad things done. In Tokyo Ghost, Dent and Decay are sent on a mission “that will force them out of the decay of LA and into the mysterious lost nation of Tokyo.”

Writer Rick Remender says:

Sean and Matt are two of the best artists in comics and the only two people who could realize the wondrous brutality and twisted romance of this story we’ve cooked up together. It’s some of the most fun I’ve had, it’s equal parts depravity and beauty, violence and poetic reflection. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done. The only bad thing about Tokyo Ghost is that you have to wait a year to see it.

Murphy returned the compliments for his collaborators, saying:

Rick is one of the most impressive writers in comics — a masterful storyteller in both mainstream and independent comics. Nobody is attacking the industry quite like Rick is, and I’m thrilled to help him do it, especially with my trusted colorist Matt Hollingsworth by my side. Tokyo Ghost is a love letter to the sci fi action movies we grew up on, with a little bit of Kurosawa thrown in.

With apocalypse and dystopia having such a stranglehold on the entertainment world in the last few years, I have to admit I’m craving a more hopeful breed of science fiction these days. (Maybe I’m just still high on Guardians of the Galaxy‘ particular magic.) Still, Remender is remendously…er, tremendously talented, so I’m looking forward to seeing what he has to offer in Tokyo Ghost. Check out some early art from the book below.





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