Star Trek TNG Enterprise-D Bridge Now On Display In Sci-Fi World Museum

By Charlene Badasie | Published

In a celebration of sci-fi’s most iconic and beloved franchises, the Enterprise-D Bridge from Star Trek: The Next Generation has found a new home at the Sci-Fi World Museum in California. Scheduled to open its doors to backers on May 27 and to the general public in June, the display is a testament to the enduring legacy of Star Trek.

Still The Best Bridge In Star Trek

The Enterprise-D Bridge is a faithful recreation of the set featured in The Next Generation, overseen by original production designers Michael Okuda and Herman Zimmerman. The restoration of the bridge was a significant undertaking, involving meticulous attention to detail and the expertise of around 50 people to rebuild it to its original specifications of 50 feet wide and 100 feet long.

However, the journey to bring this iconic set piece to the museum has been anything but smooth. Restoration of the Enterprise-D Bridge began over a decade ago. From the initial plans to the unforeseen hurdles along the way, the Enterprise-D Bridge’s voyage to its new home has been fraught with challenges.

A Decade Of Challenges

One such challenge arose when the project’s direction shifted to include the Sci-Fi World Museum display, leaving some original supporters disgruntled. The recreation of the captain’s chair, a centerpiece of the Enterprise-D Bridge, also faced setbacks, with an imperfect replica causing controversy after it was sold on eBay.

In a twist that echoed the drama usually saved for the screen, the project faced its darkest hour in 2018. Huston Huddleston, the driving force behind the endeavor, was arrested and later convicted of possessing illicit images and videos of minors. Despite this setback, the project persevered under new leadership, with John Purdy taking the helm as CEO of the Sci-Fi World Museum.

What This Bridge Represents To Fans

Now, as the doors of the museum prepare to open, visitors eagerly await the chance to see the replica in person. For hardcore fans of The Next Generation, the Enterprise-D Bridge is a symbol of exploration, diplomacy, and the enduring spirit of adventure. As it takes its place in the Sci-Fi World Museum, it stands as a fitting tribute to the popular Star Trek series.

The Other Recreation

star trek walter koenig

The Enterprise-D Bridge has undergone various changes and recreations over the years. The original bridge set was destroyed during the filming of Star Trek: Generations, leading to the creation of three replicas. One was built for the third season of Star Trek: Picard. Production designer Dave Blass and art director Liz Kloczkowski spearheaded the project.

The set was a physical build, measuring exactly the same as the original set. It aimed to recreate the look of the LCARS panels as closely as possible to their appearance in the original series. The recreation involved challenges like reconstructing the complex wood archway and ensuring authenticity in every detail of the Enterprise-D Bridge.

Opening Soon

The Enterprise-D Bridge has also seen various alterations and alternate versions throughout its appearances in different episodes of The Next Generation. Changes included modifications to the color scheme, the addition of handrails near doors, the rearrangement of consoles, and the introduction of new elements like equipment containers and H-shaped struts.