Comic(s) Relief: Flash Gordon Returns To Battle Ming In A New Ongoing Series


By David Wharton | Updated

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FlashCovSmallComics have been recycling, revamping, and rebooting their characters nearly as long as there have been comics. As somebody who’s been reading and collecting for around 30 years at this point, I can’t even guess how many new “#1” issues I’ve seen for long-running characters over the years. Sometimes it’s just a publicity stunt to generate heat for a floundering series, and sometimes it’s something much bigger, like DC’s “New 52” universe-wide reboot. But where it can be more worthwhile is in visiting characters that aren’t as popular as they once were and giving them a new spin. Characters like the iconic pulp hero Flash Gordon, who is returning to the comics page today in a new series from Dynamite Entertainment.

Flash Gordon never fit in on Earth. But on the bizarre planet MONGO, Flash’s thirst for thrills and daring danger makes him the perfect weapon against world-breaking Ming the Merciless and his awful inter-planetary swarms of terror! Can the cocksure Man From Earth funnel his overconfidence into saving worlds, or will the universe fall to Ming? Don’t miss out on THE most exciting ongoing series of 2014 by dream team Jeff Parker (Batman ’66, Aquaman), Evan ‘Doc’ Shaner (Deadpool, Ghostbusters) and Jordie Bellaire (Pretty Deadly, Captain Marvel)!

From the sound of things this will be pretty classic take on Flash, just upgraded for the 21st century. Flash is a character who hasn’t been in the pop culture limelight for a while, not since the short-lived Sci-Fi Channel series that ran from 2007 – 2008. Director Breck Eisner was trying to get a new feature-film version up and running back in 2010, but it’s been years since we heard a peep about that project. Hell, the best Flash Gordon-related thing we’ve seen recently was actor Sam Jones’ bit in Seth MacFarlane’s Ted.

You can pick up a copy of Flash Gordon #1 from your local comic shop, or grab a digital copy from Comixology. We’ve also got a few preview pages and alternate covers in the gallery below.

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