Star Wars: Episode VII Concept Art Backs Up Those Earlier Spoilers

Episode VII has got more leaks than a wicker canoe.

By Brent McKnight | Updated

We can’t get enough of Star Wars: Episode VII news, and even if we don’t necessarily want it, it keeps coming our way regardless, in the form of leaks and rumors and unconfirmed reports of all varieties. Today, a slew of leaked concept art hit the web, and while we’re not going to touch them with a ten-foot pole (we don’t want to get sued), there is a lot to talk about. If it sounds like we’re going to get into SPOILER territory beyond this point, that’s because we are. You’ve been warned.

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Many of these images, and there are a ton of them (which you can see over at Super Hero Hype if you’re so inclined), may feel familiar. That’s because, while we haven’t seen them, we’ve heard these, or at least similar pieces ,described over the last few weeks, months, whatever. As a result, if you’ve been keeping up with the spoiler talk going around, you won’t find much you haven’t encountered already (including that nuclear meltdown of a leak that may have ruined the ending of the movie for everyone). What this does, however, is provide context and a more concrete feel. Movies are, after all, a primarily visual medium, so all the descriptions you can read don’t add up to checking out one of these images for yourself.

That said, I’m going to warn you about spoilers again. But don’t worry, we won’t get too in depth. Like I said, these have all been described elsewhere, this just gives you the opportunity to connect the words to the actual pictures.

Star Wars Episode VIIThe most notable of these images are the ones that will be most familiar. We’ve already actually seen that picture of the shadowy, hooded, partially mechanical figure holding Darth Vader’s helmet in what appears to be a very reverent manner. I don’t want to get into it here again, but this ties into the huge-ass leak that damn near broke the Internet, the one that may have, if it turns out to be true, exposed the big reveal in Episode VII. A couple of these images give you a better, more detailed look at this figure, who, though largely covered by mechanical add-ons, looks vaguely familiar, what with his mechanical hand and all. There’s also a look at Vader’s degraded, possibly burned helmet.

Again, tying into the biggest spoiler ever, you have images of this character, who the article calls the Grave Robber, with Daisy Ridley’s character, who we’ve been told is named Kira. They’re just as creepy and unnerving as the descriptions make them out to be. Whoever the Grave Robber does turn out to be, she is certainly not entirely happy at seeing him, or to learn his true identity.

There’s actually quite a bit of Kira here, which drives home the reports we’ve heard that she is the main character in this film and moving forward into future Episode movies. We’ve heard that she lives in one of the coolest shanties around, inside of a fallen Imperial At-At walker, and her humble abode gets a couple of pictures. You also get a look at some new vehicles that will definitely make you think of a desert world we know pretty well at this point, with pod bikes, a pod falcon (?), pod junkers, and land speeders.

star warsLike I said, there’s a ton to explore here, and you should take a look. There’s that sleek black TIE Fighter we talked about yesterday, images of the Skellig Michael set, the Millennium Falcon, and even that Chrome Trooper we saw a while back. All in all, if you’re not totally opposed to spoilers and want to know more about Star Wars: Episode VII before it opens on December 18, 2015, feel free to check these out, they’ll give you a lot to think about.

It’s not 100% that the moments depicted in these images will make it into the final film, but that fact that we’ve been hearing about them, certainly lends credence and an air of authority to the reports that we’ve been hearing. Whether you like these ideas or not, it looks like that’s the direction we’re heading.

This is the way.

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