Autobots Assemble: Amazing Homemade Transformers Costume

By Rudie Obias | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Transformers CostumeLove it or hate it, Michael Bay’s Transformers films have shot the franchise to a whole new level of worldwide popularity. But this super-fan’s homemade Transformers costume may be more impressive than anything seen in Bay’s movies, and it probably didn’t cost $200 million to make.

Canadian-born Transformers devotee Marc De Repentigny has crafted a working Transformers costume that will surely impress fans and possibly terrify small children. The costume doesn’t actually transform into a car or a jet plane, but it has glowing eyes, a sliding facemask, and some pretty awesome smoke and light effects. [And let’s face it, if it did transform while somebody was wearing it, that could get messy. – Ed.]

It looks like De Repentigny’s costume might limit his movements, but it earns bonus points because the giant metal beast can even be activated and controlled via remote control. While Marc De Repentigny didn’t make a specific Transformer, he did make his working costume an Autobot. Take that, Megatron.

The popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the years has let us see plenty of impressive fan-made Iron Man costumes, but it’s rare to see someone craft a Transformers costume as good as this one. Perhaps the next time Marc De Repentigny creates a new Transformers costume (maybe a Decepticon this time), he can take some cues from the four-ton, 13-foot Japanese iron giant Kuratas metal mech suit. I smell a real-life Pacific Rim-style battle (without the alien sea monsters, of course)!