Ash Vs. The Evil Dead Adds These Two Actors To The Cast

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Evil DeadIt may not be, strictly speaking, science fiction, but dammit if we’re not excited for the upcoming Evil Dead series Ash Vs. The Evil Dead. Just knowing that it is on Starz fills us with glee at the sheer blood-spurting possibilities, as they are not averse to showing a blood geyser now and again. We know that Bruce Campbell will be back to reprise is best, most beloved role as the dimwitted braggart Ash, but aside from that, we haven’t heard too much about casting, that is until now.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ray Santiago (Dexter) and Dana DeLorenzo (Californication) have both joined the cast of the Sam Raimi-produced series that will air as a series of ten, half-hour episodes on the premium cable provider.

From what we’ve heard about Ash Vs. The Evil Dead, the plot involves a rather sizeable road trip, and these two actors will play Ash’s travelling companions for the bulk of this adventure. The story picks up years after Army of Darkness, and finds Ash older, grumpier, still working a shitty job in a shitty box store like S-Mart, living in a rundown trailer, dealing with PTSD like symptoms. When an ancient evil that only he can defeat rises again, he hits the road with two young coworkers, his trusty boom stick, and hopefully his customized chainsaw.

Santiago will play an idealistic immigrant by the name of Pablo Simon Bolivar. Along the way, he becomes Ash’s sidekick, the kind of sidekick who wholeheartedly believes in his heroic bro even when he doesn’t believe in himself. DeLorenzo is slated to fill the role of Kelly Maxwell, a less enthusiastic member of their quorum, at least initially. Moody and haunted by her past, she becomes a reluctant part of their Deadite-killing family and finds a closeness she never expected.

The series plans to shoot in New Zealand, which means they have to import things like road signs and cars with the steering wheel on the left side. Though there is no specific date for when we’ll see these on the air, they should arrive on Starz sometime later this year. While Raimi is producing and involved in other creative capacities, he is also going to direct the pilot episode. It should be fun to see Raimi and Campbell back together again in this manner.