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Adam Sandler’s Best Movie Is Incredibly Hard To Watch

Adam Sandler has been a household name for decades, and it’s surprising that his best movie, Billy Madison, doesn’t get …

3 weeks ago

Jaws 2 stream

The Second-Best Shark Movie Ever Made, Where To Stream

Jaws 2 (1978) is a good movie—no, seriously. As far as sequels go, it’s a more than adequate follow-up to …

1 month ago

only you

Marvel Fans Must Discover This Forgotten Robert Downey Jr. And Marisa Tomei Rom-Com

Only You is a movie that gets easily lost in the shuffle among other greater, more epic 1990s romantic comedies …

1 month ago

The Fantasy Action Remake With A Giant Celebrity Disney+ Bungled On Streaming

In a mixed-up, crazy, wacky kind of deal that’s either incredibly prescient or outlandishly lacking in foresight, Disney+ can’t stream …

1 month ago

The 2000s Sci-Fi Comedy Blockbuster With A Genre Icon, Stream Without Netflix

Plenty of movies out there are sure to make you chuckle, but none are quite as amusing and memorable as …

2 months ago

The Excellent Sci-Fi Thriller On Streaming That Accidentally Makes Drugs Look Awesome

Movies often come with a set of morals and ethics, with the intention of teaching audiences about the perils of …

2 months ago

8 mile

Gritty Inner City Drama On Streaming Is An Oscar Winner With One Of Music’s Biggest Stars Ever

These days, Detroit rapper Eminem is best known for delivering jilted, shouty performances on poorly-produced rap songs and throwing numerous …

2 months ago

The Julia Roberts Thriller About The Most Infamous Scandal Everyone Slept On

Julia Roberts stars as Martha Mitchell in a Starz miniseries called Gaslit. Centering around the Nixon administration’s involvement in the …

3 months ago


Political Biopic On Streaming Exposes The Shocking True Story Of The Presidency

The modern state of American politics is nearly unrecognizable when compared to the landscape of just a few decades ago. …

4 months ago

The 2010s Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Thriller With A-List Actors That Needs To Become A Cult Classic

Repo Men focuses on a team that repossesses artificial organs bought on credit. With several A-list actors such as Jude …

4 months ago

The Stephen King Sci-Fi Horror Marked By Controversy, Stream Without Netflix Right Now

Stephen King fans know that the author doesn’t always necessarily celebrate the film adaptations of his literary works. In the …

5 months ago

Spartacus TV Series Revived With Original Creator And The Story Is Excellent

Do you like movies about gladiators? When Peter Graves uttered this iconic line way back in Airplane, we doubt he …

8 months ago


The Slick Crime Drama Franchise Now Dominating Streaming Decades Later

The 1998 crime drama Belly and its sequel Belly 2 are streaming on Starz. The film is written and directed by Hype Williams from …

9 months ago

The ’90s Disaster Movie You Need To Stream And Give A Second Chance

Volcano distinguishes itself in the realm of natural disaster movies, notably for its pioneering visual effects from the late ’90s. …

10 months ago

brad pitt

The Brad Pitt Neo-Noir Crime Thriller Now Crushing On Streaming

Delve deep into the dark world of organized crime with Brad Pitt in the critically acclaimed Killing Them Softly. Earning …

10 months ago

leonardo dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Wanders Paradise In This Overlooked Streaming Drama

Just the beginning of his rise to the top, three years after Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio splashed into a new depth …

10 months ago

denzel washington

The Denzel Washington Thriller Crushing On Streaming Is His Most Relatable Role

Step into a tale of desperation, moral dilemmas, and a father’s undying love for his child with John Q, featuring …

10 months ago

gina carano

Gina Carano’s Action Classic On Streaming Needs A Sequel

Dive into the world of high-stakes espionage and action with Haywire, featuring the formidable Gina Carano. This action-thriller, now streaming …

10 months ago

The Forgotten Sean Bean Horror Thriller Making A Huge Streaming Comeback

Dive into a world of nail-biting suspense and heart-stopping thrills with The Hitcher, a riveting horror-thriller that showcases the formidable …

10 months ago

jessica alba

The Sexy Jessica Alba Movie On Streaming Is Making A Major Comeback

Get ready to dance to the beat of your dreams as Jessica Alba takes center stage in Honey, a feel-good …

10 months ago

jon hamm corner office

Best Jon Hamm Films To Stream Before Seeing Corner Office

Jon Hamm has had himself quite a career up to this point. As the lead in the hit series Mad …

12 months ago

brad pitt world war z

Brad Pitt’s Merciless Crime Thriller Will Leave You Shaking

Brad Pitt may have the face of a leading man, but he definitely knows how to pick roles that allow …

12 months ago

stephen amell

Stephen Amell’s New Show Puts Season 1 Up To Stream For Free, Watch Here

The first season of Stephen Amell’s series Heels is streaming for free on YouTube.

1 year ago

Adam Scott Finally Returns To His Greatest Role, See The First Look

Adam Scott’s STARZ show Party Down is getting a third season that starts airing on February 24, 2023.

1 year ago

showtime paramount

The Most Popular Streaming Series Of All Time Has Been Canceled

The hit series, Outlander, is set to finally end in 2025.

2 years ago

jake johnson minx

HBO Comedy Saved From Cancellation By Another Network

The now-canceled HBO show, Minx, has been revived by STARZ.

2 years ago

holographic christmas tree

The Most Controversial Christmas Movie Is Climbing Streaming Charts

The 1988 classic Christmas film Die Hard is currently number 10 on Starz, according to a report from Flix Patrol. …

2 years ago

becoming elizabeth

A Fan-Favorite Historical Series Was Just Canceled

Becoming Elizabeth has been canceled by Starz in its first season.

2 years ago


Outlander Is Bringing Back A Whole Bunch Of Fan-Favorites

Outlander’s seventh season will bring back Dougal MacKenzie and many more.

2 years ago