Adam Scott Finally Returns To His Greatest Role, See The First Look

Adam Scott's STARZ show Party Down is getting a third season that starts airing on February 24, 2023.

By Jennifer Asencio | Updated

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The Adam Scott STARZ show Party Down is getting a third season after over a decade, and has released a trailer on YouTube to announce this fact. The show was canceled in 2010 after its second season, despite positive critical acclaim, due to low viewership. In 2021, STARZ ordered a new season, which will be six episodes instead of 10 like the other two seasons.

Adam Scott plays Henry, a member of the staff of the catering company Party Down, a Los Angeles company that seems to have attracted the employment of several up-and-coming actors while they try to make ends meet. Henry starred in a beer commercial that made his face popular but ruined his aspiring career in the process. Working for a catering company is not high on Henry’s list of achievements, making him unmotivated and often sarcastic.

Surrounding Henry at the catering company is a coterie of offbeat characters like team lead Ron, love interest Casey, narcissistic Kyle, and sci-fi elitist Roman, all of whom are also aspiring to careers on film and television rather than catering and food. Ron is the sole exception, as he wants to own a store for the franchise Soup R’ Crackers, and he plays the role of the tough boss as he awaits the money to achieve his dream. Alongside Adam Scott, the cast of Party Down features Ken Marino, Lizzy Caplan, Ryan Hansen, and Martin Starr.

The show also featured numerous guest spots, as the catering company works for a different party each episode, some of which feature unusual and over-the-top situations such as an orgy and a gig for a rock star. Recurring roles for Jane Lynch, Jennifer Coolidge, and Megan Mullaly are complemented by guest stars such as Jimmy Simpson, Kevin Hart, Steve Guttenberg, and Ken Jeong. It was the loss of Jane Lynch to Glee and Adam Scott to Parks and Recreation that prompted Party Down‘s 2010 cancellation.

Much of the cast, including Adam Scott, will be in the new short season of Party Down, including Jane Lynch, Megan Mullaly, Ryan Hansen, Martin Starr, and Ken Marino. Lizzy Caplan could not do the show because of scheduling conflicts, but new actors have joined the cast in regular roles, including Jennifer Garner and Zoë Chao. Show creators John Enbom, Rob Thomas, Dan Etheridge, and Paul Rudd are also all back to write the scripts for the six new episodes.

The original show also featured the direction of The Wonder Years star Fred Savage, who was at the helm for nine episodes of the first two seasons. He will not be directing any of the new episodes, but it is entirely possible that he could return should STARZ decide to keep the show on the air. Ken Marino, who plays Ron, got to be the boss for an episode in the second season and will be directing Adam Scott and the rest of the crew for the fourth of the new episodes of Party Down.

Hopefully, the revival of the show will revive fans’ interest in it and create enough new fans to keep it going, if that’s what Adam Scott and the other cast members of Party Down want to do. The star has had plenty of work after leaving the show for Parks and Recreation, including roles in HBO’s Big Little Lies, Inside Job on Netflix, Apple TV’s sci-fi drama Severance, and a role in the upcoming Marvel movie Madame Web. See the six new episodes on STARZ starting on February 24, 2023.