Alan Tudyk On The Prospects Of A Firefly Revival

By Rudie Obias | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


In 2002, the TV series Firefly was unceremoniously canceled on Fox. Since then, the series has grown a devoted fan base, spawned a feature film, and spun off countless action figures, comic books, and reams of fan fiction. But the one thing the fans most hope for is the one thing that never seems to materialize: more Firefly, whether as a movie or relaunched show. Understandably, the Firefly cast gets asked pretty much constantly if the show might finally rise from its ashes, and in the wake of Joss Whedon’s mega-success with The Avengers, the questions have started all over again. The latest Firefly vet on the hot seat: Alan Tudyk, who played Wash.

In a new interview, Tudyk opens up about possibly getting the cast back together to resurrect the TV series Firefly. “Not only is there a want from fans, but there’s a want from Joss [Whedon], and from Nathan [Fillion], certainly, and the cast,” Tudyk told Hypable. He cites the recent return of Arrested Development to Netflix — one of many other promising shows cancelled by Fox — as an example of how it could happen. Tudyk continues:

This was taken off the air right about the same time that we were and that was a show that was on Fox, with a bunch of people who have gone on to do many other things, and they’re getting them back together for another 14 episodes. So it can be done.

It’s no secret that the series’ creator Joss Whedon loves the Firefly ‘verse and has often time spoke highly about a possible return. Even the lukewarm response to the film version of Firefly, Serenity, hadn’t deterred Whedon from talking about getting the Firefly crew back together. Whedon told the Toronto Sun,

“I’ll never really accept it. And I always, in the back of my head, think, ‘What if I could get the old gang back together? … It’s something I would love to do.”

In recent months, the possibility of a Firefly animated series has been bandied about, but there’s still nothing certain. With the success of The Avengers last summer, it’s safe to say Joss Whedon is free to pursue any project he wishes. The question, however, is whether he and the cast will ever find time in their schedules to reunite for Firefly. Hope is like the sky, they can’t take it away from you…