The Greatest New Sci-Fi Series Getting Season 2?

By Robert Scucci | Published

scavengers reign

Comic Book reports that Scavengers Reign may get renewed for a spinoff, second season, or sequel. While the Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner-created series hasn’t yet seen an official renewal, co-executive producers Sean Buckelew and James Merril have stated that there are a couple more seasons mapped out that they would love to pursue if given the opportunity.

Scavengers Reign Renewed?

And given the lush, beautiful, and downright terrifying landscapes that season 1 presented during its 12-episode run, it’s safe to say that there is plenty more ground to cover should Scavengers Reign get renewed for another run of episodes.

Scavengers Reign has won over audiences in droves with its character and world-building, and has been met with critical acclaim up on the release of its first season.

The Setting Plays A Major Part

What’s more, the very world the series has built out is its own character in many ways, as the creatures, vegetation, and weather all play a significant role in developing the story.

While the series’ various protagonists navigate their way through Vesta, the mysterious planet on which they’re stranded, it quickly becomes clear that Vesta, and all of its inhabitants are completely indifferent to their existence.

A Classic Survival Plot

scavengers reign

The premise presented in Scavengers Reign is a classic survival plot that follows five central characters: Ursula, Azi, Levi, Sam, and Kamen.

After their cargo ship, the Demeter 227, crash-lands on Vesta, they struggle to utilize whatever resources they’ve recovered from the crash while also searching for food, water, and shelter as they traverse unforgiving landscapes with the hope of being rescued.

But what’s more unforgiving is the planet itself, which is rife with rough terrain, unpredictable weather patterns, and creatures of all sizes and shapes that threaten their survival.

Much More To Discover

scavengers reign

Though James Merril has maintained that they tried to tell a complete story with Scavengers Reign’s first season, there is still plenty of room to grow the series, as viewers only saw a small portion of the Earth-like, yet extremely unfamiliar planet.

For all we know, other survivors could have yet to be discovered. Another angle to consider, and we’re just speculating here, is that we’ve only encountered strange alien animals who dominate the planet and can clearly support human life.

Though we don’t know any details about the possible upcoming season of Scavengers Reign, it would be fascinating to see if there is a race of human-like creatures living in hiding up to this point in the narrative.

Audiences And Critics Love Scavengers Reign

scavengers reign

One certain thing is that critics and audiences alike clearly want more Scavengers Reign. Since the series’ October 19 2023 premiere, it has garnered a 100 percent critical score against a 96 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Not only has the series been praised for its world-building, cinematography, and vibrantly disturbing visuals, its survival narrative is inherently captivating.

One audience member stated they loved the series so much that they had to create an account on the review site to give it five stars.

One More Season?

scavengers reign

Hopefully, we haven’t seen the last of Scavengers Reign, and the series gets renewed for at least one more season.

When you consider that a couple of seasons have already been developed and that season 1 has been met with universal acclaim, it seems like we’re just waiting for an official announcement.

Though we may be getting ahead, the people have certainly spoken.