Ryan Reynolds Releases Hugh Jackman Deadpool 3 Tease

By Britta DeVore | Published

Not all heroes wear capes, some just post exciting photos to their social media pages. Keeping up with the tradition of giving fans an inside look at the filming process for Deadpool 3, franchise star Ryan Reynolds has shared a look at his home away from home – his chair on the set of the film.

Ryan Reynold’s Share A Deadpool 3 Set Image

Posting an image of both his and Hugh Jackman’s seats, the black and white image reveals that, while they might have an ongoing internet beef, the pair are happy to sit next to each other during production.

On the chairs, are the names, Wade Wilson and Logan, for Ryan Reynolds’ and Hugh Jackman’s respective characters. The crew went classy with this one as the thrones refer to the characters by their government names and not as Deadpool and Wolverine – respect. Behind the folding seats, tall plants can be seen, teasing that the current location where cameras are rolling is in a jungle-like setting.

Six Years Since Deadpool 2 Released

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

The wheels on the third installment in the Deadpool franchise have been spinning for a while now since the sophomore title arrived on screens six full years ago in 2018. One of the most talked-about projects to be coming from Sony and Marvel, fans have done just about anything they can to learn more about the Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman-led feature, even if that means spoiling it for other people.

Spoilers Spread Like Wildfire

At the beginning of December, those near the set in England captured images from afar that potentially gave away one or more of Deadpool 3’s surprise cameos. As the photos made their way around the internet, Ryan Reynolds took to social media to beg those responsible to hold off from dropping any more leaks. Both Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been very fair to future audiences, sharing behind-the-scenes images like this one and tidbits of information, keeping the magic alive while also satiating curiosity.

As big of Deadpool fans as of us at home are, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are that much more invested in the labor of love project and promise to do right by fans by delivering a movie that will live up to the franchise’s expectations. The movie will see Jackman’s Logan aka Wolverine and Reynolds’ Deadpool aka Wade Wilson team up against both of their wills but for the greater good. 

The Cast Of Deadpool 3

Along with Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 3 will bring back a host of recognizable faces from the franchise’s first two installments such as Morena Baccarin reprising her role as Wade’s fiancee, Vanessa, and Brianna Hildebrand as up-and-coming X-Men member, Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Likewise, Hugh Jackman will be joined by a slew of new-to-the-superhero-series faces including The Crown’s Emma Corrin as the primary antagonist, with whispers surrounding Jennifer Garner’s reprisal as Elektra from the early 2000s Daredevil and Elektra films. 

The Only Marvel Film Releasing In 2024

the penguin

Yes, things certainly seem to be going well on the set of the Shawn Levy-helmed film, with Ryan Reynolds showing off his comfy seat next to Hugh Jackman. While Deadpool 3 faced some filming setbacks, shifting its date backward and forward a handful of times, it’s finally settled on July 26, 2024, as go time. And, hopefully, that won’t change.