Ryan Reynolds Getting A Deadpool Series With A Twist?

Ryan Reynolds has an idea for a Deadpool series but it is not exactly what you would think. This would be a different look for the character

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Ryan Reynolds is set to take the Marvel Cinematic Universe by storm in the next couple of years when we are finally treated to Deadpool 3. It will have been a long time coming for the actor and character who made the move to the new studio after the 20th Century Fox acquisition by Disney. And apparently, Reynolds is dreaming big about how the character will appear on screen going forward. One plan, according to We Got This Covered, has Reynolds eyeing a Deadpool animated series. If this was the case then we could be looking at Marvel’s own version of Adult Swim before it is all said and done. 

While this is very much a rumor at this point, we do know that Marvel is going the animated route with some of its new programming. And there are even avenues for shows and characters who don’t fit into the Disney+ model of wholesome family and kid programming. They have started to put different properties on Hulu to keep the Mouse House free and clean of certain adult themes. That is definitely what Ryan Reynolds has brought to the character of Deadpool over the years. 

Now, of course, Ryan Reynolds could always find ways to dial things back here when it comes to Deadpool and his particular sense of comedic revelry and insistence on keeping things pushing way up against the NC-17 label. But though the Merc with the Mouth leans into the graphic side of the comic book universe, there is still some heart here and we could definitely see a kid-friendlier version in a different kind of series. Really anything is on the table at this point. 

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Ryan Reynolds wouldn’t be the first person to take a crack at a Deadpool animated series either. Back in 2016, around when the first Deadpool hit theaters to critical acclaim and just tons and tons of box office money, there were pitches thrown around to bring the character into an animated series. Donald Glover was apparently on board and FX was in line to bring the series to air. But some years went by and in 2018 the project was canceled. There apparently were creative differences between Glover and the studio about the path of the show and it never ended up seeing the light of day. 

With Ryan Reynolds firmly in the Marvel Universe now though, there is at least some stability around the character for the foreseeable future. Though there might have been some initial disagreements about the overall tone of this third movie and whether it would ultimately match what made the first two so great, it does look like Reynolds has free reign here. 

In the meantime, Ryan Reynolds has another movie coming out shortly that has a decidedly different tone and gestalt than what we’ve seen in Deadpool. That will be Free Guy, the Shawn Levy film that has Reynolds as a video game NPC who comes online, so to speak, to realize his world is built on code. It has a Matrix-for-kids vibe and early reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. Could he bring the same vibe to a Deadpool animated series? Time will tell.