Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy First Reactions Are A Big Surprise

By Faith McKay | 1 week ago

ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is often hilarious. His early career had a rocky start, but these days, the fan appreciation is strong. While anticipation for Deadpool 3 is definitely strong, his next movie is actually going to be Free Guy, this movie where he plays a character named Guy who discovers he’s actually an NPC within an open-world video game. The pandemic delayed the release on this one several times, which gave fans a long period of time to get more skeptical about how this big-budget movie is going to actually pan out. Will it be funny? Will it be worth watching? Will it be a waste of time and call back to the days when he was mostly in forgettable films? Well, those who were able to see the movie early are now allowed to talk about it. The first reactions are here. And they’re saying surprising things.

That’s right: they like the Ryan Reynolds movie, Free Guy. Was this movie actually worth all the wait? Here’s what they’re saying.

That’s right. A lot of people had a lot of reasons to be skeptical about this Ryan Reynolds movie. Among those reasons is the fact that video game adaptation films are often disappointments and gamers are tired of getting excited about movies that turn out to be a waste of their faith and time. The trailers for Free Guy have been funny, which left many hopeful, but not all around confident in the film. The early reviewers, however, give a lot of reason to believe that this movie may be a fun time after all.

Ryan Reynolds has been consistently optimistic about the project and vocal about the continued delays for its release due to the pandemic. The movie had multiple official release dates, following its original scheduled release date in July 2020. The movie stars Reynolds as Guy, Jodie Comer as Molotov Girl, Joe Keery as Keys, and Taika Waititi as Antoine, our villain. Ryan Reynolds plays a NPC (non-player character) who works as a bank teller when he suddenly becomes aware that he’s in a game. Then, it’s up to him to prove himself to try and become a hero player instead, especially with the developers/villains looking to shut the game down.

When it recently became clear that the movie is actually going to hit theaters this time around, Ryan Reynolds came out in a big way for promotions. He teamed up with Taika Waititi to promote Free Guy. They made a video released online wherein Reynolds was in character was his Marvel character, Deadpool, and Taika Waititi was his Marvel character, Korg. The two did a trailer reaction to Free Guy, giving commentary and making dark jokes about Marvel movies and Free Guy. You can watch the video below.

Clearly, Ryan Reynolds is pulling out the stops to finally promote this movie’s release. Free Guy is coming to movie theaters on August 13, 2021, when audiences will actually and truly be able to watch it this time around.