Ryan Reynolds Is Resurrecting ALF

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated


Ryan Reynolds is more than just a comedic actor, the perfect Deadpool, and a suave businessman. According to EW, He’s also a guy who is resurrecting ALF, the centuries-old alien life form from the ‘80s sitcom of the same name. Thanks to the collaboration between Ryan Reynolds‘ Maximum Effort Channel and ALF’s creator, Paul Fusco, this cat-eating alien is making a comeback. 

Maximum Effort, Fusco, and Shout! Studios have joined forces to revive the beloved character and present new sponsor-driven content premiering on Saturday, July 29. Titled Maximum Moments, this special sponsored content posted by Ryan Reynolds’ team will feature ALF in new storylines integrated with advertising messages from various companies like Mint Mobile, Fubo, Hims, MNTN, and Ring.

Ryan Reynolds is bringing the creature Alf from the popular 80s sitcom to his Maximum Effort Channel.

Ryan Reynolds, known for his acting roles and entrepreneurial ventures, expressed his excitement about bringing ALF back to life, describing how his company Maximum Effort is all about “taking risks and blurring the lines between shows and sponsorship” because both scripted TV and commercials have the potential to be entertaining.

The actor co-founded Maximum Effort with George Dewey and has been at the forefront of innovative projects that blend television, cinema, and brand publicity, including partnerships with Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile.

Ryan Reynold’s decision to revive ALF was driven not only by the actor’s personal affection for the character but also by the shared enthusiasm of Paul Fusco, Shout! Studios, and the brand partners involved. The show’s endearing charm and cult following were other factors that fueled the desire to bring ALF back to life.

“At Maximum Effort, we love taking risks and blurring the lines between shows and sponsorship because we believe both can be equally entertaining. Besides my irrational love of ALF growing up, one of the reasons we licensed this show was precisely because Paul, Shout! Studios, and our intrepid brand partners wanted to plot with us to bring ALF back to life.” 

Ryan Reynolds

Fans can tune in to the “Maximum Effort Channel” on various platforms such as Fubo, Amazon Freevee, LG Channels, Plex, Sling Freestream, Tubi, VIDAA, Vizio Watchfree+, and Xumo Play to catch the revival of the witty Melmac native.

Alf in the ’80s


ALF initially aired on NBC for four seasons, spanning 102 episodes, from 1986 to 1990, with a sequel movie released exclusively on television in 1996 to provide a satisfying conclusion to the show. In addition to Ryan Reynold’s heart, the show also captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its endearing tale of an alien named ALF living with a human family in suburbia. 

The sitcom followed the Tanner family’s life, whose routines were hilariously disrupted when ALF crash-landed his spaceship in their garage. From that moment on, the Tanners found themselves navigating a new and extraordinary life as they helped ALF rebuild his saucer to return to his home planet.

The show featured a talented cast, with Paul Fusco voicing the titular alien, along with actors like Max Wright, Anne Schedeen, Andrea Elson, Benji Gregory, and more, adding to its appeal and popularity. Fusco will now be working closely with Ryan Reynolds as the pair strive to bring the ancient alien back to life and introduce ALF to a new generation.

This is not the first time that ALF has made a return to TV screens. In 2004, the lovable alien starred in TV Land’s short-lived ALF’s Hit Talk Show, where he interviewed celebrity guests like Drew Carey, Bryan Cranston, and Tom Green. Additionally, ALF made an unexpected appearance in a memorable episode of Mr. Robot, demonstrating the enduring impact of the character on popular culture. 

With ALF now set to return in the form of Maximum Moments, viewers can expect to relive the magic of the beloved sitcom while enjoying brand-sponsored content. Ryan Reynolds and his team at Maximum Effort are poised to deliver a nostalgic treat to fans and welcome a new generation to the heartwarming world of ALF.