See Robert Pattinson Sit With DC’s Greatest Villain In Deleted Scene, Our Scoop Confirmed

Matt Reeves and Robert Pattison have teamed up to over one of the best Batman films in recent memory, and now a deleted scene has revealed DC's best villain.

By James Brizuela | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

robert pattison the batman

The Batman was released just under three weeks ago and has already been talked about as being one of the best iterations in the long-standing franchise. Robert Pattison has been lauded as a new noir and dark version of Bruce Wayne and Batman. Colin Farrell as Penguin, Paul Dano as Riddler, and Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman were also highly revered. Quite honestly, the entire cast was outstanding. The end of the film saw The Riddler coming face to face with a familiar villain in the Rogue’s Gallery. Barry Keoghan was said to be none other than The Joker, but he was mostly unseen. Long before the movie’s release, a source close to Giant Freakin Robot revealed that director Matt Reeves had cut out scenes with two important villains, both of which will likely be in the sequel. One of those is The Joker and Warner Bros has officially released the deleted scene, confirming our reports. You can see the chilling clip below:

One thing of note in this new version of The Joker is that he looks horrid. While even Heath Ledger’s version of The Joker had some scarring on his face which symbolized a smile, the new Barry Keoghan looks like a man that has been through a ton of torture, and it fits well with the Robert Pattison brooding Batman. The back of his head looks to be lumpy and disfigured; his nails look as if he has been scratching away or trying to tunnel out of Arkham, and his mouth is filled with jagged teeth and a wicked smile. The closeup of The Joker at the end of the trailer bears a striking resemblance to the cover of Brian Azzarello’s Joker graphic novel, which was released in 2008.

Joker Brian Azzarello

This new version of The Joker certainly fits the mold of what The Batman was all about. Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattison) is living in Gotham in his second year as The Caped Crusader. He still is not sure about his role in the grand scheme of things, as he consistently questions if he is helping the city. Gotham exists as this living/breathing entity of a city that just brings the worst out of everyone involved. Corruption and lawlessness are the elements that Batman is attempting to combat, though he is in over his head when The Riddler starts killing the socialites of the city. The Joker looking the way he does would add another horror and dark element to Gotham that has already been well established in the film. Matt Reeves is attempting to make the world of Gotham seem like a black hole of realism, and it makes sense now why The Joker will be featured in the sequel.

While the consensus may be over the idea of The Joker being the chief antagonist for Batman, they truly belong to one another. Quite honestly, Joker is DC’s best adversary apart from Lex Luthor. He exists only to be the antithesis to Batman. Where Batman won’t kill, Joker finds no reason not to kill. The Riddler, Catwoman, and Penguin have all been introduced in The Batman. Now it seems as if The Joker is on his way to teaming up with The Riddler, per the end of the film. “Everyone loves a comeback story,” was one of the final lines spoken by The Joker. Robert Pattison will have his hands full in the upcoming sequel.