The Batman Is Smashing Box Office Numbers

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

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Over the past weekend, The Batman sat at the top of the box office charts. With another strong weekend of $36 million, the newest iteration of the Caped Crusader has cruised past $300 million domestically. The international market for the film has been almost identical, bringing in $298 million. So far, Matt Reeves’s film is performing well considering the market for China has been affected heavily by the closure of around 43% of cinemas. China is typically a huge market for international releases, but the cinema closures have certainly affected the market a bit.

Despite the small speedbump for the film, The Batman is nearing $600 million and the goal for the film right now is around $750 million total. That is not far off the mark for a film that has only been out for three weekends total and less than three weeks. One might surmise that once the China cinemas are reopened, a surge of numbers might come from that market alone. Considering the budget was in the $190 million range, making $750 million would allow this film to be considered quite a success. While the film is currently only down 45% in domestic markets, that number might drastically change when The Lost City comes out. The star-studded adventure flick sees Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum team up to take down a seemingly evil Daniel Radcliffe.

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The Batman, however, is still enjoying some great success even with the uncertainty of the pandemic that is ongoing. The new Matt Reeves chapter in the long-standing Batman mythos has gone over well with critics and most fans of the comics and otherwise. The film currently boasts a “certified fresh” 85% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a slightly higher 88% audience rating. The performances of Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, and Robert Pattison have been highly lauded. Even the completely unrecognizable Colin Farrell as The Penguin has been highly revered, and everyone is patiently waiting for the spin-off series on HBO.

The Batman follows Bruce Wayne as he is only merely two years into taking on the role of Gotham’s most feared vigilante. He is still wrestling with the idea that he is actually helping the corrupt city. The new film truly goes deeper into the psyche of Bruce Wayne as he uncovers the brutal truth about his family’s legacy due to the serial killer, The Riddler, dropping hints about the truth of the city and the Wayne family. There are a ton more elements and characters shown in this film, but we will allow readers a chance to see it without spoiling it here. It is certainly a much different Batman film than we have ever seen before.

The Batman is currently in theaters and based on the box office numbers and positive reviews across the board, there is a reason that this film is one to check out. Much like Joker which came out in 2019, this new film paints Gotham for the horrible place that it truly is. The city acts as a living and breathing entity that truly brings out the worst in people.