Robert Downey Jr. Working On A Sequel To An Underrated Movie

By Doug Norrie | 4 months ago

Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. might have met his end at the end of Avengers: Endgame, saving the world from Thanos and the Infinity Stones, but costing him his own life in the process. We aren’t likely to see Downey Jr. reprise the role of Tony Stark anytime soon, but the guy is hard at work trying to get a sequel to a lesser-known movie into the pipeline. Insider Daniel Richtman, courtesy of his Patreon page, has it that the actor is trying to get a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2 made. 

In 2008, Robert Downey Jr. landed the role of a lifetime as Tony Stark, essentially kicking off the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But before that, Downey Jr. was steadily working, but not in anything close to the size and scope he’d see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of those films was 2005’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, from Lethal Weapon writer and The Nice Guys director Shane Black, an unconventional Christmas film that has earned itself a cult following.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was a sneaky huge hit with critics, scoring 86% on the Tomatometer, with critics praising it for its somewhat convoluted nature, while embracing its great dark comedy sensibility. A big part of that was Robert Downey Jr.’s starring role, in which he displayed some of the signature snark and devil-may-care attitude we’d later get with Tony Stark. It’s no wonder the actor would be looking to get back into the role, as it was an underrated film that despite its critical success, barely made back its $15 million dollar budget at the box office. 

Robert Downey Jr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

It’s unclear if Robert Downey Jr. is also trying to enlist Shane Black in the effort, as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was the director’s first feature-length directorial work. But it’s fitting that Downey Jr. would want to make it into a sequel, considering Black’s next work in the director’s chair was with Iron Man 3. That movie remains similarly underrated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it gave Tony Stark a bit more humanity, something the character definitely needed at the time. Black’s next work, Doc Savage with Dwayne Johnson is supposed to be up next, but has been in a bit of development limbo for some time.

Before he gets a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2 made, Robert Downey Jr. has some other major things in the works. He is rumored to appear in Ironheart on Disney+. In it, he would likely take on more of a mentor role for the titular character, a young genius who essentially designs her own Iron Man suit. Downey Jr.’s role will likely be in the form of an A.I. that helps power and inform the suit. Downey Jr. will also be doing a voice for the upcoming Disney+ series What If…?

Robert Downey Jr. now has the fame and stature in Hollywood to probably be able to pull off passion projects or resurrect old films. If there was a chance to get Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2 into production, Downey Jr. backing it would be a solid first step.