See The New Quantum Leap’s Replacement For Scott Bakula

After NBC's search for a new doctor to lead the Quantum Leap reboot, they have officially announced Scott Bakula's replacement.

By James Brizuela | Published

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After NBC announced that they were looking for actors of AAPI (Asian American or Pacific Islander) or MENA (Middle East or North African) descent, they have found their man. The show is aiming for more inclusion in this new Quantum Leap reboot. Raymond Lee will now be starring in the reboot as Dr. Ben Seong. This new doctor is said to be the spiritual successor to the original Dr. Sam Beckett, who has been missing for 30 years. That’s a great storyline to follow considering that is around how long the show has been off the air.

Raymond Lee

Quantum Leap was given the green light for a pilot episode in January of 2022. The initial show saw Scott Bakula play the titular role of Dr. Sam Beckett, who messes with time travel and is sent backward in time, being transported into someone else’s body while he attempts to rewrite history for the better. That was the initial premise for the original show, and it sounds as if NBC is planning more of the same in this Quantum Leap reboot. While it has not yet been confirmed or rumored if the idea is for Dr. Ben Seong to find Dr. Sam Beckett, that might be one of the central ideas. The program is restarted by a group of scientists with the hope to understand more about what happened to Beckett. However, when Seong travels back in time to the 1980s, he is hit with a bit of amnesia and can’t remember why he traveled back in time in the first place. The original show blended themes of sci-fi, romance, drama, and social commentary into what turned into one of the most influential shows of its era. It sure sounds as if this self-aware society of ours is the perfect time to bring back those same themes.

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Raymond Lee is a strong choice for the new Quantum Leap reboot. He is slated to appear in the new Top Gun: Maverick film, which drops on May 27th. Lee is also set to appear alongside Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock in the adventure film, The Lost City, which debuts on March 25th. He has also had guest appearances on How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family. Surely he is no stranger to sitcoms in that regard. The reboot has been given an hour-long pilot, so that should be more than enough of a chance for Lee to show that he can carry this show well into the future.

The Quantum Leap reboot should do well considering that NBC is the network that ordered the pilot. The original show ran for five seasons and had 97 episodes and was also on NBC. The network is likely banking on a new version to reignite the love that existed from 1989 to 1993. Times have certainly changed since then and a show that can highlight even more social commentary is likely to do well. The central idea is to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, which is certainly something that allows for the world to garner more empathy for one another. While there is no official date for the pilot to air, it might be safe to say that it will come out sometime later this year.