Pedro Pascal Will Star In Gladiator 2

Pedro Pascal is in talks to join Gladiator 2.

By Chad Langen | Updated

Pedro Pascal, star of the hit HBO Max series The Last of Us, is in talks for a role in the highly anticipated sequel Gladiator 2, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The original 2000 film starred Russell Crowe as Maximus, a Roman general who becomes a gladiator and seeks revenge against the corrupt emperor, Commodus, played by Joaquin Phoenix. The sequel will reportedly focus on Lucius (Paul Mescal), the son of Lucilla (Connie Nielson), and the nephew of Commodus.

In addition to Mescal and Nielson, Pedro Pascal would join an impressive cast that includes Denzel Washington, Joseph Quinn, and Barry Keoghan. Djimon Hounsou is also expected to reprise his role as Juba, Maximus’s former ally and fellow gladiator, from the original movie. With such a talented ensemble, Gladiator 2 is poised to be one of the biggest blockbusters of 2024.

Ridley Scott, who directed the first film, is set to return to helm Gladiator 2. Scott is known for his epic filmmaking style, which is sure to be on full display in the upcoming sequel. David Scarpa, whose previous writing credits include The Day the Earth Stood Still and All the Money in the World, is penning the screenplay for the movie.

While Pedro Pascal’s exact role in the film is unknown at this time, his involvement in Gladiator 2 is a major coup for the production. The 48-year-old star has proven himself to be a versatile actor, with memorable performances in shows like Narcos and The Mandalorian, as well as in films like Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Wonder Woman 1984. His star is only continuing to rise, and his participation in Gladiator 2 is sure to attract even more attention to the project.

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The original film was a critical and commercial success, earning over $450 million at the box office and winning five Academy Awards, including Best Picture. With such a talented cast and crew, Gladiator 2 is poised to deliver the same excitement and spectacle as its predecessor. Fans of the original film and newcomers to the franchise can look forward to seeing Pedro Pascal and the rest of the cast in action when the sequel hits theaters on November 22, 2024.

In the meantime, Pedro Pascal has a slew of other projects in his pipeline. In fact, later this year, the seasoned performer will headline Drive-Away Dolls, a new action comedy from director Ethan Coen. He’ll share the screen with a stellar cast that includes Matt Damon, Colman Domingo, Margaret Qualley, Bill Camp, and Joey Slotnick.

In the film, two women in search of a fresh start, embark on an impromptu road trip to Tallahassee, Florida. However, things quickly go awry when they cross paths with a group of inept criminals. The character that Pedro Pascal will be playing in the film has not been revealed yet, but with the September 22 release date quickly approaching, it is likely that we will soon find out more about his role.