Paramount+ Purges Tons Of Content Including Nickelodeon Shows

Paramount+ is losing more shows from Amy Schumer to Nickelodeon series.

By TeeJay Small | Updated

Paramount criminal minds

Despite our modern age of streaming content giving way to some of the greatest series in film and television history, our current TV landscape is looking pretty bleak. In addition to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, which continues to shut down active productions across Los Angeles, many streamers are purging their backlog of films and shows, actively destroying the very content their subscribers are paying to access. According to a write-up in Deadline, the latest wave of content purges has struck Paramount+, removing a number of excellent series, including some Nickelodeon classics.

This move should come as no surprise to Paramount subscribers, as the streamer recently announced cancellations of four flagship series on their network, Star Trek: Prodigy, Queen of the Universe, The Game, and Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies.

While some of these cancellations have no doubt come about in response to the WGA strike, others, such as Star Trek: Prodigy, came as a major shock to audiences, who could never have imagined the network axing such a big name series.

Now it seems that the content provider has begun to go nuclear, purging dozens of major titles from their backlog, such as All in With Cam Newton, Digby Dragon, Monsters Vs. Aliens, and many more.

Paramount even went so far as to scrap the latest season of Inside Amy Schumer, which the network specifically commissioned to compete against the likes of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver and Saturday Night Live, months before the Emmy Awards are set to air.

This is an especially odd move from a business perspective as the streamer had resurrected the series from a six-year hiatus for the express purpose of naming it their flagship variety series, only to quietly sweep it under the rug months later without so much as a DVD or Blu-ray release.

star trek prodigy season finale
Star Trek: Prodigy has been removed from Paramount+

This purge places Paramount+ in a similar space with Max, formerly HBO Max, who famously erased hundreds of high-profile titles from its back catalog in the months leading up to its rebranding, including 12 Dates of Christmas, Close Enough, An American Pickle, and Infinity Train.

It is particularly disheartening to see these streamers take a specific exception to children’s programming, opting to toss many Nickelodeon shows to the wayside without a single care given to their audiences of children and families at home who may have subscribed for the explicit purpose of a certain series.

While Netflix has a host of problems in its own right, the streamer frequently announces weeks or months in advance what titles will be leaving and joining their catalog, in order to give their consumers ample opportunity to decide which new movies and shows they’d like to watch, while binging through the soon-to-be-purged content before it becomes too late.

Paramount+ seems to believe that getting the entire family on the couch and logging into the app to search for your favorite media should be the first time you learn that the content is no longer available.