Outer Banks Just Hit An Amazing Milestone And Streaming Viewers Need To Take Notice

Outer Banks third season was streamed for 154 hours in its debut week, claiming the top spot on Netflix.

By Mark McKee | Updated

Thanks to the shift in the dynamic of the film industry due to streaming services making tons of content available to audiences, it is hard to tell what will be at the top of the list. The Netflix Top 10 has been a topic of conversation (and of study) since the service made the feature available a few years ago. This week, Variety reports that the third season of Outer Banks claimed the top spot with impressive views. 

According to the Netflix numbers report, the teen action-adventure thriller’s third season pulled in an insane 154 million views this week. To put that into perspective just how impressive that is, the next four spots on the list could only manage to bring in 142 million hours. Looking at those numbers, it is clear that fans couldn’t get enough of Outer Banks

As a matter of fact, not only was season 3 of the series the top spot earner on the site’s most watched, but the other two seasons also made appearances on the top ten list. Season 1 appeared in the number four spot with 35 million hours of its own, while season 2 brought in 24 million hours of viewing. Altogether Outer Banks landed nearly 200 million hours of screentime from their fans; if you stack that end to end, that means fans watched enough Outer Banks to fill 23,000 years. 

Madelyn Cline in Outer Banks

The series follows a group of two warring young adults, one being the wealthy seasonal residents (the Kooks) and the local working-class group (the Pougues). While the latter group searches for the father of one of their members, they come across the legend of a treasure he is connected to. Each season adds more relationship drama on top of the treasure hunt, all set against the clash of teens from different sides of the track.

Outer Banks stars Chase Stokes as John B. Routledge, the leader of the Pougues and the son of the missing father; he is also known for appearances in Stranger ThingsDaytime Divas, and Tell Me Your Secrets. Madelyn Cline plays Sarah Cameron, John B’s love interest and princess of the Kooks; she recently got a massive bump in her career by starring as Whiskey in the Rainn Johnson Netflix hit Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. Madison Bailey also appears as Kiara “Kie” Carrera, a Kook rejected by them due to her affiliation with the Pougues; she has also appeared in Constantine and Black Lightning

200 million hours of screentime is a massive number for the Netflix series, and it knocked two other massive hits down the list in You season 4 and the first season of Wednesday, which sit at numbers five and nine, respectively. The 154 million streaming hours gives Outer Banks an outside shot at catching the top 15 most streamed Netflix shows of all time, with Ozark at the bottom of that list with 491 million hours. A few more rewatches by the fans, and the conversation could get even more interesting.