Spider-Man: No Way Home Video Reveals Identities Of Multiverse Silhouettes

By Doug Norrie | 8 seconds ago

no way home

As Doctor Strange and Peter Parker were standing at the Statue of Liberty at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home, we saw what looked like the entirety of the Multiverse coming through the portal from the heavens above them. At the time, it was more about the multitudes rather than the actual folks who might be pressing through for a shot at taking down the web-crawler. But now, one industrious TikTok-er has taken the time to look at the actual silhouettes of those from the Spiderverse to see who might have been trying to come through. 

On TikTok, a user named @Kevinmoranrob (via MovieWeb) made a short video that attempted to pick out the outlines of certain characters who would make a lot of sense coming through for Spider-Man in No Way Home. Some are references to characters we might see in this world sooner than later and others might just be hat-tips to the actual comics. Of course, he wasn’t able to go through every single one of them. But it does appear fairly clear that Marvel wasn’t just going willy-nilly through these shadows. A few of them very clearly look like certain characters. Check it out. 

For starters, the silhouettes we “see” here at the end Spider-Man: No Way Home are all villains from the universe. We know that not everyone that came through initially was out for Peter Parker’s blood. There were other Peter Parkers after all. And to some degree, that’s the case here. The first one we see is Superior Spider-Man, this one is a version from the comic books who is now is taking inspiration more from Doctor Octopus. He was a villain in this particular timeline. 

The next villain to come through the portal is Kraven the Hunter. This is an interesting inclusion seeing as how we are going to get a feature film around this character though not necessarily in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man: No Way Home is an overlapping production between Sony and Marvel, but Kraven will be Sony’s Spider-Man Universe with Aaron Taylor-Johnson playing that role in the next couple of years. 

The rest is a collection of others in Spider-Man’s universe, though not folks who appeared in No Way Home. There’s Scorpion, Felicia Hardy’s Black Cat, Rhino, and then Mysterio. The latter one is also interesting because Jake Gyllenhaal has already played the character in the MCU. He was the one who ultimately outed Peter at the end of Far From Home but didn’t make a return for this most recent movie. 

While these might have been little Easter Eggs around Spider-Man and the other worlds the character has occupied, there could also be something to it. These studios rarely miss a detail and pay lip service to fans in a way we’ve never really seen before. That’s a good thing. So maybe we get to see more of these versions in some form or another before it’s all said and done. We know the universe around the character is only expanding.