Night Swim Is The Silliest Horror Movie In Years, See The Ridiculous Trailer

By Chad Langen | Updated

Amelie Hoeferle in Night Swim

The horror genre is celebrated for its unconventional concepts, ranging from possessed appliances to murderous tires in its films. Next year, audiences can look forward to another ridiculous concept in Night Swim, a movie about a haunted swimming pool. The recently released trailer for the movie offers a tantalizing glimpse at what looks to be a delightfully absurd film.

Night Swim is about a haunted swimming pool, which sounds dumb, but James Wan and Jason Blum are producing it.

Bryce McGuire’s 2014 short film, Night Swim, serves as the inspiration for the forthcoming feature-length adaptation, with McGuire taking on dual roles as the writer and director once again. This project also marks the reunion of James Wan and Jason Blum. The two previously produced the highly profitable M3GAN, a film that astonishingly earned $180 million worldwide from a mere $12 million budget.

Wyatt Russell, famed for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, stars as Ray Waller in Night Swim, a retired baseball player grappling with a degenerative illness. Alongside him is his wife Eve, portrayed by the Oscar-nominated Kerry Condon, and their children Izzy (Amelie Hoeferle) and Elliott (Gavin Warren). As Ray seeks solace in their new home’s pool for therapy and family fun, an ominous history threatens to plunge them into an abyss of terror.

While the concept of a killer swimming pool seems utterly outrageous, the trailer for Night Swim teases a promising and distinctive entry into the horror genre.

In the Night Swim trailer, we are briefly introduced to Wyatt’s character and his family as they embark on a fresh start in their new home, which boasts breathtaking views despite requiring significant renovations. Among the improvements needed, their covered swimming pool has clearly seen better days. As the trailer progresses, we observe the family’s devoted pool restoration efforts, followed by their joyful enjoyment of the fruits of their labor.

Wyatt Russell in Night Swim

Naturally, given that Night Swim is a horror film, the moments of enjoyment are short-lived. As the trailer continues, it hones in on a suspenseful game of Marco Polo, where Izzy is left alone in the pool while Ronin, portrayed by Elijah J. Roberts, playfully departs to evade being discovered. Moments later, Izzy is pulled underwater by a mysterious supernatural threat.

While the concept of a killer swimming pool seems utterly outrageous, the trailer for Night Swim teases a promising and distinctive entry into the horror genre. It hints at a unique and genuinely terrifying cinematic experience. With renowned genre veterans James Wan and Jason Blum at the helm as producers, there’s a strong potential for Night Swim to become another substantial success in the world of horror cinema.

If Night Swim is a success, James Wan and Jason Blum can make a movie out of anything, even a haunted toaster.

In case you’re not entirely sold on Night Swim’s bizarre concept, Ryan Turek, an executive producer from Blumhouse, described the film to Entertainment Weekly as a highly eerie haunted pool movie. He highlighted its development by Atomic Monster. Moreover, he emphasized the incorporation of James Wan’s signature heart and soul, along with a plethora of nightmarish underwater imagery that promises to scare the pants off audiences.

Night Swim is set to hit theaters on January 5th, 2024, with Universal Pictures as the distributor. James Wan produced the film through his Atomic Monster banner, and Jason Blum through his Blumhouse banner. Bryce McGuire directed the picture from his screenplay.