The Violent Kids Comedy On Streaming Reunites TV’s Biggest Mobsters

By TeeJay Small | Published

Now that it’s been over a quarter of a century since HBO’s The Sopranos first premiered, many of the key actors from the show have moved on to new projects. 2021 saw the prequel film The Many Saints of Newark revisiting the series, with a number of up-and-coming actors portraying younger versions of the iconic mobsters that audiences know and love. One film, however, 2013’s Nicky Deuce, reunited five leading Sopranos actors, shocking audiences by placing the street-tough mafiosos in a children’s film.

Nicky Deuce And The Sopranos

While Nicky Deuce may not be the first film audiences think of when it comes to bringing the cast of The Sopranos together again, the made-for-TV children’s film holds the prestigious honor of having the most Sopranos cast members since the show’s conclusion in 2007.

The film was directed by Jonathan A. Rosenbaum, who is best known for his work behind the camera on children’s shows such as R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, Bizaardvark, and Raven’s Home.

Nicky Deuce Stars Noah Munck

The film was written by Art Edler Brown, Andy Callahan, and Douglas Sloan, based on a novel penned by Charles Fleming and Steve Schirripa.

Nicky Deuce stars Noah Munck in the title role, best known for his appearance as the character Gibby in the Nickelodeon series iCarly.

One Of James Gandolfini’s Final Roles

The film also touts appearances from Sopranos actors including James Gandolfini, Tony Sirico, Vincent Curatola, Steve Schirripa, and The White Lotus‘ Michael Imperioli.

Surprisingly, Nicky Deuce is one of the final roles ever committed to film for the late Tony Soprano actor James Gandolfini, who tragically passed away just one month after the film premiered on Nickelodeon.

Summer Gone Wrong

Nicky deuce

Nicky Deuce centers on a teenager named Nicholas Borelli, who spends his Summer holidays at an annual math camp while his overly strict parents go away on a work retreat to Papua New Guinea.

Unfortunately, math camp is canceled one Summer, prompting Nicky’s parents to send him to stay with his uncle Frankie in Brooklyn, New York.

Involved With The Mob

Nicky deuce

Nicky begins making new friends in the big city environment, as it becomes increasingly clear that his uncle Frankie is involved with the local mob.

After taking a call on Frankie’s phone, Nicky agrees to collect a debt for a mobster named Paulie, bringing the teenager fully into the underworld of criminal racketeering.

When he arrives to collect the debt, the teen takes on the nickname of Nicky Deuce, and unintentionally injures the debtor in a series of off-the-wall kid’s-movie hijinks.

Growing Connections And Street Cred

Nicky deuce

As word gets out that Nicky Deuce smacked around a mob-affiliated individual, his street cred begins to rise, bringing him further and further into the world of New York City’s mafia.

Shortly thereafter, Nicky uncovers a mob conspiracy to fix a series of horse races and endangers his family through his growing connections.

While the film may not sound like your average Nickelodeon movie on paper, Nicky Deuce manages to blend mob-movie tropes and aesthetics with family-friendly humor and storytelling.

Nicky Deuce On Paramount+

Nicky deuce

Nicky Deuce may not have impeccable reviews, but it is certainly worth watching for the absurdity of seeing Tony Soprano get smacked around by Gibby from iCarly. The film is incredibly silly, and sure to get a few laughs out of you, whether you’re an avid fan of The Sopranos or not. Nicky Deuce is available to stream on Paramount+ today.