New Sci-Fi Museum Looks Like A Spaceship Touching Down On Earth

By Britta DeVore | Published

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The aliens have landed – well, kind of. The Chinese city of Chengdu has unveiled its grandiose sci-fi museum and it’s nowhere near what you’d expect from a stuffy old building. Instead, the visionaries at Zaha Hadid Architects of London have built a giant seven-pointed spaceship that appears to be landing directly in one of the city’s lakes. 

The Museum For Sci-Fi Lovers

The sci-fi museum was on the fast track to being built as it was initially dreamt up to house the 81st World Sci-Fi Convention. Now that the incredible structure is in place, it will be an event space for the coolest and most breaking-edge events in science and pop culture. At three times the size of the Sydney Opera House, the museum’s almost 60,000 square meters is packed with plenty of space for exhibitions and presentations.

Blending Nature With Out Of This World Designs

As can be seen, by the sci-fi museum’s general design, the contractors wanted to combine the plenty of nature with the concrete to give the center a nice blend of vibes. Those who may visit the museum will be treated to wondrous rooms with out-of-this-world-looking light displays and passageways that lead them in and out of the building. On the outside are gorgeously manicured green spaces, perfect for catching a breath of fresh air in between mind-blowing scientific displays.

The Intirior Is Just As Impressive

Images accompanying the news are truly breathtaking and blow other museums out of the water not only in the outward design but with the interior as well. In one picture, an area that appears to be the lobby and gathering place of the sci-fi museum is dripping in sunlight as the top of the “spaceship” lets plenty of light in from above for those standing in line for tickets. Another shows a laser-striped hallway filled with magnificent blues while one of the auditoriums is dripping in cosmic colors with incredibly comfy-looking chairs welcoming attendees.

Like the intricate details of the sci-fi museum’s inner workings, the outside is no different. From above, the building, which was planned, built, and opened within 12 months, looks like a massive spaceship has touched down on the lake. And, from the side, it appears that the ship is simply floating above the water. 

The World Sci-Fi Convention

Although the sci-fi museum was built specifically with the World Sci-Fi Convention (also known as Worldcon) in mind, the event changes cities every year so this won’t always be the location that sci-fi fans will be heading to. 2024’s convention is set for Glasgow, Scotland, while 2025 will be hopping over to Seattle, Washington in the United States. While both of these locations will undoubtedly pull out all the stops for their guests, nothing can quite compare to the wonder of Chengdu’s spaceship building.

The Next Big Attraction For All Things Sci-Fi

This year, Worldcon took place at the tail end of October, with visitors from all over the globe descending on the Chinese city and going to daily events at the sci-fi museum. Of the activities held during the week was the Hugo Award ceremonies, the most notable award event for sci-fi writers.