The Netflix Series Users Are Binging And Leaving Them Sobbing

By April Ryder | Published

Netflix viewers have been left wallowing in their depression after binge-watching the streamer’s new series One Day. Starring Leo Woodall as Dexter Mayhew and Ambika Mod as Emma Morley, the show follows the story of two people who had one extraordinary night together after college graduation that followed them for the rest of their lives. 

The Unique Structure Of One Day

In 1988, Dexter and Emma met at a college graduation party. Knowing they would both have to go their separate ways the next day, they decided to keep things platonic and casual. Their one day together was beautiful and left a lasting impression, so much so that the two made it a point to meet each year on July 15th, St. Swithin’s day. 

The show follows their relationship as the years pass and as their paths diverge, showing snapshots of where they are in life each year on July 15th. Though each of them sets off on their own path in life, even having relationships with others, the spark they have between them holds on. 

Fans Of The Book Hoped For A Different Ending

One Day is based on a 2009 novel by David Nicholls. Nicholls also wrote the screenplay for the big screen version of the book by the same name. Fans of the storyline who have already seen the movie had an idea of what would come in the new Netflix series, but there were hopes that the writers might change the ending. 

The Ending Is The Same

Unfortunately, changing the ending of a story like One Day almost defeats the purpose of the work entirely. The story is meant to show the brutal nature of life. As a person, you live many lives within your lifetime, and things are always changing. We all have different paths and make very different choices along the way that shift those paths. 

Love Isn’t Enough

Nicholls hoped to express the bittersweet element of love when he wrote One Day. He wanted to show that love isn’t always enough to build a fairytale ending. As Tina Turner once said, “What’s love got to do with it?” Emma and Dexter have lives and families to attend to. They have separate passions and career goals to chase after. There’s not always time to stop and indulge in the passions of love. 

One Day Is Leaving Heartbreak And Devastation In Its Wake

However, Emma and Dexter do eventually make time for their love in the book and the movie. Though the series has only been available for viewing for the last two days, viewers of the show have made it pretty clear that the series didn’t deviate much from the book or the movie. It seems the ending is still just as heartwrenching as ever. 

Some people are low-key mad at Netflix for hurting their feelings like that. Some people may need a little therapy session after finishing the show. 

One Day Might Not Be Good For Date Night

Either way, know that you can’t go into watching One Day without preparing yourself to ride an emotional roller coaster. Prepare for the heartbreak that will befall you, and curl up with a comfy blanket and a box of tissues before you hit the play button.