1980s Cult Classic Horror Franchise Getting Brand New Trilogy From Original Creators

By Matthew Flynn | Published


The cult classic film Ghoulies, first released in 1984, is set for a reboot by original creators Luca Bercovici and Jefery Levy. In a turn of events that has fans of the franchise excited, Bercovici and Levy have managed to reclaim the domestic rights to their iconic film.

They’re Already Close To The End


The pair plan to reinvent the Ghoulies universe for a new generation, with aspirations to develop a new film trilogy. Impressively, two of the anticipated scripts have already been completed, with the third experiencing steady progress.


The Ghoulies franchise is a series of horror movies that commenced with the release of the original film Ghoulies in 1984. Mariska Hargitay, Emmy Award winner for her role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, made her big screen debut in the first Ghoulies.

The Story


The franchise’s overall narrative revolves around miniature rubber monsters, christened Ghoulies, that spring to life and cause havoc among unsuspecting victims. The genesis of the Ghoulies can be traced back to a satanic cult led by Malcolm Graves. When plans to sacrifice his son Jonathan are thwarted, he instead sacrifices his wife.

Jonathan, protected by his mother’s talisman, grows up and inherits his late father’s estate, filled with occult books and items. During a party, Jonathan performs a magic ritual in the basement, summoning the small creatures known as Ghoulies. Choosing to dedicate himself fully to his newfound power, he quits college, fasts, and commands these creatures to remain hidden from all, declaring himself their master. The Ghoulies series comprises four films, with the last one, Ghoulies IV, being released in 1994.

A Gremlins Knock Off?

The reception of the Ghoulies franchise has varied. The original film garnered a cult following and received praise for its campy and entertaining approach, despite some criticism that it was just a gory Gremlins knock-off. The movie and its sequels were always a bit polarizing: enjoyed by those who can appreciate campy horror but dismissed by many, mainly due to the low-budget production values and the cheesy special effects that characterize the franchise.

How The Creators Secured The Rights

Remarkably, the feat of returning Ghoulies to its original creators was achieved thanks to a provision within copyright law. The termination provision, as it’s known, established in the Copyright Act of 1976, enables authors to recapture rights from publishers after 35 years for works created on or after January 1, 1978, as long as a notice is sent within a five-year window. This particular legal mechanism allowed Bercovici and Levy to recover the rights to their creation.

A Whole Ghoulies-Verse


But the duo’s plans don’t stop at the proposed movie trilogy. The creators aim to expand the Ghoulies universe even further with a book series, and an exclusive line of merchandise ranging from figures and apparel to collectibles. This all comes as part of the larger vision to redevelop and reintroduce Ghoulies to audiences old and new.

No word yet as to whether the new films plan on including any characters or actors from the original franchise. As it stands, the Ghoulies creators are actively seeking partners for their project and are poised to commence filming as early as late summer or early fall.

Source: Bloody Disgusting