Netflix Failed To Announce They Canceled A Fan-Favorite Series

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

netflix on the verge

Sometimes shows being canceled on different streamers or networks becomes part of the news cycle with fans eagerly awaiting whether their favorite set of stories is going to come back for another season. And sometimes, word about a series just gets lost in the shuffle with no real formal announcement coming from anyone. We definitely have the latter case with the series On the Verge on Netflix that appears to be canceled after just one season. Though it took a little digging to even find out that had happened here

Apparently, the Netflix series On the Verge will not be returning for a second season on the streamer, though no announcement about the show ever came from Netflix itself. Instead, the word that the series was done came from creator and star Julie Delpy in the comments of an Instagram post about a totally different subject. Such is the way of Hollywood and the industry sometimes that word gets handed out about series in odd forms or fashions. In Delpy’s original Instagram post she was reflecting back on some early times in Hollywood when she had moved from France. Then a fan of On the Verge asked about the series and Delpy said, “Canceled, but Netflix forgot to announce it was canceled.”

On the Verge was created, directed by, and starred Julie Delpy on Netflix and the show followed four women living in Los Angeles while each going through some form of a mid-life crisis. They were described as a chef, a single mom, an heiress, and a woman out seeking employment. The cast was rounded out by Elisabeth Shue, Sarah Jones, and Alexia Landau. For its part, On the Verge had performed moderately well with critics, scoring 60% on Rotten Tomatoes for its first season, though higher with fans with the show sporting an 85% Audience score. 

This series isn’t the only one to get bad news this year from Netflix. On the Verge joins another fan-favorite series Gentefied which was canceled back in January of this year. That one was also set in Los Angeles though followed a family of Mexican-Americans, their relationships, and the struggle for the American Dream. Additionally, the Katee Sackhoff-led Another Life was also given the ax after two seasons on the streamer, and Paris Hilton’s Cooking With Paris didn’t survive either. Finally, the popular pre-teen offering The Babysitter’s Club was also canceled after just two seasons. 

Netflix was streaming On the Verge in conjunction with Canal+, a French television channel and it was on the network OCS there. Before bringing On the Verge to Netflix, Julie Delpy had a number of different credits including helping to pen parts of the Before trilogy with Richard Linklater. She also wrote and starred in the critically acclaimed movie My Zoe which was released back in 2019. In total, On the Verge will have aired 12 episodes on the streamer and there doesn’t seem to be any feeling that it will continue through just its French counterpart. Such is the way of the industry.