The Netflix Gritty Crime Series With A Sci-Fi Icon

By Douglas Helm | Updated

  • Longmire is streaming on Netflix and stars Katee Sackhoff in a major role
  • Longmire is a gritty Western that ran for six seasons
  • The series stars Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Philips

If you’re longing for the modern Western setting of Yellowstone but have already binged the series ad nauseam, then the gritty Western crime drama Longmire might hit the spot. The series also features a great performance from sci-icon Katee Sackhoff alongside series lead Robert Taylor, who plays the titular Walt Longmire. You can head over to Netflix to binge all six seasons.

Katee Sackhoff Stars In Longmire

Longmire follows a sheriff named Walt Longmire, who is rebuilding his life in Wyoming after the death of his wife. Walt investigates crimes in his jurisdiction with the help of his friend Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Philips) and his new deputy sheriff, Victoria Vic Moretti (Sackhoff).

The series is based on the mystery novels by Craig Johnson and developed by John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin.

The whole cast does a great job, but sci-fi fans will particularly have some fun with Katee Sackhoff taking a break from her sci-fi projects for a more Western setting.

The Longmire Cast


Sackhoff may be known for playing Lieutenant Kara “Starbuck” Thrace and Bo-Katan Kryze on The Mandalorian, but she proves she’s just as good in Westerns. It helps that the series itself is pretty entertaining, too, outside of its solid cast.

Along with Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, and Lou Diamond Philipps, Longmire also stars Bailey Chase, Cassidy Freeman, and Adam Bartley. As with any popular show that has six seasons, the series also has plenty of notable guest stars. Including recent sci-fi star Amber Midthunder.

Amber Midthunder Also Appears In Longmire

Eagle-eyed viewers may also notice that Midthunder guest stars in both the pilot and a Season 3 episode of Longmire in one of her early roles. Of course, Midthunder is now very well-known thanks to her fantastic work in the surprise 2022 Predator franchise film Prey.

This creates a cool sci-fi connection to Katie Sackhoff, who recently expressed her interest in starring in the next Predator film, Predator Badlands.

Netflix Saved Longmire


Longmire was actually a pretty big hit back when it was on network TV, becoming the highest-rated original drama series for A&E.

Apparently, this wasn’t enough, though, because the series did not get a renewal after its first season.

Luckily, the show was shopped around to other networks, and Netflix eventually picked it up, releasing the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons.

Longmire Has Stunning Scenery


Longmire narrowly avoided an early death, and fans were happy that they were able to get a satisfying ending to the series.

While the crime drama of the series isn’t especially innovative in its storytelling, the series does draw you in with its beautiful Wyoming setting.

Much like Yellowstone, the cameras get a lot of mileage out of the scenery, providing viewers with some beautiful vistas to go with their drama.

Stream Longmire On Netflix

katee sackhoff longmire

Longmire may not have reached the popularity that Yellowstone has achieved, but it’s still a solid watch if you like modern Westerns.

And with 63 episodes, there is plenty to keep you binging for at least a few weeks. Make sure to go check out Longmire now on Netflix if you want to start a new show this weekend.