Battlestar Galactica Star Is Gunning For New Predator Sequel

By Douglas Helm | Published

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 A new Predator movie led by Prey’s Dan Trachtenberg is on the way, and Katee Sackhoff is throwing her name in the ring to star. Sackhoff took to the X platform to express her extreme interest in the role, saying, “Please oh please let it be me!!! I feel uniquely qualified to kick The Predators butt.”

Katee Sackhoff Wants To Take On The Predator

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It’s safe to say that Katee Sackhoff definitely has what it takes to lead the new Predator film. Her badass sci-fi credits are extensive, playing Captain Kara Thrace in Battlestar Galactica and Bo-Katan Kryze in The Mandalorian. As Sackhoff says, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine her taking on a Predator. Sackhoff has a chance, too, because it was revealed that Predator Badlands will have a female lead.

A Predator Deathmatch In The Future

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It was also recently revealed that Badlands would be set in the future, unlike Prey, which took place in the early 1700s. Since the new film isn’t a period piece, they could choose pretty much anyone for the lead role. This means that Katee Sackhoff would definitely be a strong candidate.

Success Of Prey Has Made The Franchise A Priority

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However, details for Badlands are very scant, so Dan Trachtenberg might have a specific person in mind for the role that wouldn’t fit Katee Sackhoff. The film is apparently a very high priority for 20th Century Studios, and Trachtenberg is reportedly already meeting with talent for the lead. With this report in mind, it seems likely that the lead will be chosen very soon.

Badlands Isn’t A Prey Sequel


One thing we do know about Badlands is that it won’t be a sequel to Prey. There is a sequel to Prey in the works, so we likely won’t be seeing Katee Sackhoff in that one. Prey followed a Comanche warrior, played by Amber Midthunder, facing off against the Predator.

Prey Was Nominated For An Emmy


While Amber Midthunder hasn’t been confirmed to reprise her role in the sequel, the success of Prey makes her return seem likely. While fans were disappointed that Prey didn’t get a theatrical release, it was a massive success for the Hulu streaming platform. The film was nominated at the Emmys, and Trachtenberg was quickly given the green light to take the franchise forward.

Katee Sackhoff Would Be The Perfect Star

Dan Trachtenberg also wrote the story for Badlands with his Prey collaborator Patrick Aison, who is also penning the screenplay for Badlands. Reportedly, production for Badlands is set to commence in July, so we’ll likely find out if Katee Sackhoff is involved by then. Whether she gets her wish or not, there’s no doubt that fans are hyped for more of Trachtenberg’s Predator universe.

Sackhoff Is Part Of Star Wars

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Even if Katee Sackhoff doesn’t end up in this particular sci-fi franchise, she should be plenty busy with her role as Bo-Katan in the Star Wars universe. Recently, Disney announced that the next Star Wars film would be The Mandalorian & Grogu. There aren’t many details about the film, but Sackhoff’s Bo-Katan was a huge part of the most recent season of The Mandalorian, so it would be surprising if she doesn’t show up.

Bo-Katan Will Return

If Katee Sackhoff isn’t in The Mandalorian & Grogu, we’ll certainly see her again in the fourth season of The Mandalorian. While the fourth season hasn’t been officially confirmed, it would be strange if Disney didn’t continue the series. In any case, we’ll keep you updated with the latest Star Wars and Predator news.