The Most Popular New Anime Of The Year Is Coming Back For Season 2

By Douglas Helm | Updated

wind breaker

Wind Breaker roared onto the spring anime scene this year, and now it’s been officially greenlit for a second season. The show outperformed expectations, and fans will undoubtedly be excited to hear that it’s coming back for more. Best of all, we already have a release window, as Crunchyroll confirmed that the second installment is scheduled for 2025.

Wind Breaker

wind breaker

Wind Breaker was a highly-anticipated anime adaptation and managed to stand out in a packed lineup of spring anime that also included hyped shows like Kaiju No. 8, Demon Slayer’s Hashira Training Arc, and more.

It helped that the acclaimed CloverWorks animation studio, known for Spy x Family, Bocci the Rock, and The Promised Neverland, produced the first season. CloverWorks will presumably be back to produce Season 2, so there should be more kinetically animated fight scenes to come.

The Story

wind breaker

Wink Breaker follows Haruka Sakura, an outcast who becomes an extremely adept fighter after being shunned due to his appearance and social skills. He finds himself fitting in at Furin High School, where strength and fighting prowess are valued over all else. He soon finds himself accepted by his new classmates, who call themselves the Bofurin and work together to protect the town of Makochi.

A Popular Anime

Wind Breaker Season 1 was well-received and was a great introductory season, while Season 2 will adapt the arc of the Bofurin of Furin High facing off against a delinquent group known as KEEL.

The anime series is adapted from Satoru Nii’s manga of the same name, and the anime has been praised by fans for its faithfulness to the source material. If the second season can continue the success of Season 1, we should have plenty more Wind Breaker seasons to look forward to.

The popularity of Wind Breaker has also been a boon for the manga series, making it one of the top-selling mangas of the year. The manga is currently still being released on Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket manga website and 17 tankobon volumes of the chapters have been released so far.

The next tankobon volume is set to release on August 7, though the English tankobons are still catching up, with the 15th volume recently released digitally on June 18. 

The People Behind The Scenes

The Wind Breaker anime is directed by Toshifumi Akai with scripts from Hiroshi Seko and character design by Taishi Kawakami. Ryo Takahashi composes the music with the opening theme song, “Zettai Reido,” being performed by Natori. If you can’t wait for the second season of the anime to find out what happens next, there’s plenty of Nii’s manga to catch up on online.

Stream Season 1 Now

If you haven’t checked out Wind Breaker Season 1 yet, it’s definitely one of the best new action anime of the year, and it’s especially great for those who love delinquent anime. CloverWorks rarely misses when it comes to anime adaptations, and this series is no exception so far. You can stream the first season of Wind Breaker now on Crunchyroll and you can catch the second season sometime in 2025.