Netflix Is Getting The Best Spy Movies For The First Time

The original Jason Bourne trilogy is coming to Netflix on April 11.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

jason bourne

Good news, Matt Damon fans: the Jason Bourne movies are coming to Netflix. According to What’s on Netflix, all of the movies except for one are coming to the streaming platform on April 11.

For those who haven’t watched them yet, the Jason Bourne series is based on a set of spy thriller novels by Robert Ludlum. The titular character is a man with amnesia who is on the run from the authorities… even if he doesn’t initially know why. 

The first film, The Bourne Identity, begins with a man who, at this point, has no name being rescued by a fishing vessel. He has two gunshot wounds in his back, and when he comes to, he has no idea who he is or how he got in that condition. The only key to finding out his identity is a laser projector under his skin that projects a number to a safety deposit box in Zurich. He follows this clue and eventually learns that he is Jason Bourne, a part of a secret CIA program that trains assassins.

The Bourne Supremacy followed two years later, and begins with Jason Bourne and his love interest, Marie Kreutz, living happily in India… until he is framed for a series of murders. The real murderer then comes after Bourne and Kreutz, and Bourne has to figure out if it is the CIA coming after him once more.

In The Bourne Ultimatum, Jason Bourne continues to seek out information about his past, and about the Operation Treadstone program he was a part of. He must learn all he can about it while he can as the CIA attempts to erase any evidence of the program’s existence.

There are also two other Jason Bourne films: Bourne Legacy, which focuses on a different character, Aaron Cross, played by Jeremy Renner, and Jason Bourne, which picks up more than a decade after the events of The Bourne Ultimatum. These last two films may not be available on Netflix, but they are still worth a watch if you are looking to learn all you can about Jason Bourne.

jason bourne

The Jason Bourne franchise proved to be so popular that there was also a series based on it. Treadstone was a short-lived show on the USA Network that served as both a sequel and a prequel and focused on the assassins trained as a part of the Treadstone program. This one might not be on Netflix either, but it can most likely be found on other streaming platforms. 

And if you really want to watch every single Jason Bourne-related thing, there was also another The Bourne Identity film released in 1988. This one was a made-for-tv film starring Richard Chamberlain as Jason Bourne and isn’t connected to the Matt Damon franchise of films. 

The first three Jason Bourne films scored in the 90 percent range on Rotten Tomatoes, but The Bourne Legacy and Jason Bourne had a bit more lackluster reception, getting scores in just the 50-60 range. So, it could be a good thing that the original trilogy will be the only films available on Netflix for the time being!