Netflix In Talks With Disney Over Licensing Major Titles, Streaming Companies Banding Together?

By Britta DeVore | Published

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As the battle of the streamers rages on, some are finding ways to leverage their most sought-after content for competitors to share. Such is the case with Netflix and Disney, as Deadline reports that the latter’s CEO Bob Iger, has shared some interesting information that may appeal to Netflix subscribers. According to the outlet, the high brass at the House of Mouse is already in talks to lease certain titles to Netflix – just not its “core brands.”

Disney Might Lease Certain Titles To Netflix


While Iger doesn’t precisely spell out which pieces of content Netflix is lining up for, those eager for anything from “Disney, Pixar, Marvel, [and] Star Wars” will still need to keep their Disney+ subscription – or sign up for one.

In his statement, which was pulled from the Q4 investor call, Iger said that the company doesn’t plan to lease its top-performing titles just to “chase bucks,” even if it would mean making more money for them. Revealing that those core titles are “doing very, very well” on the company’s streamer, Iger doesn’t see any point in driving customers away from the platform and sending them to Netflix.

Don’t Expect Marvel Or Star Wars Projects To Show Up On Netflix

From a business perspective, it makes complete sense why Netflix won’t be receiving any of Disney’s top-tier productions which would include shows like Andor and Loki and films like the live-action The Little Mermaid and animated classics including The Jungle Book.

These pieces of Disney IP are what keep customers coming back time and time again to Disney+. Should the company shift any of these to Netflix, there’s a good chance that its base of users will also ditch their subscriptions to get the most bang for their buck at the rival streamer.

It’s A Win For Disney

Along with not leasing for money’s sake, Iger recognizes that giving Netflix licensing on Disney’s favorite titles will also shake up the progress that its streamer has been making. However, he says that the team at Disney would possibly consider giving Netflix the rights to those productions sometime in the future to act as “building blocks” to turn more people on to Disney+.

Warner Bros. Discovery Lends Titles To Netflix

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On the other side of the comics-turned-film franchises, DC may be showing its need for more cash through a recent transaction made by Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav. The head of the company recently said that the higher-ups were making moves to bring its content to Netflix. Not only will Netflix subscribers soon be able to catch certain stories from the DCEU but they’ll also have access to HBO projects – a far cry from Disney’s stance on licensing.

Coming Soon To Netflix

On Netflix, while you may not be able to catch Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, or Pixar content, December will bring a slew of titles for Netflix subscribers to sink their teeth into. Included in the shift will be classic DC films including Justice League, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Man of Steel, and Batman v. Superman. The move comes following a rough box office year for Warner Bros. Discovery’s superhero studio as films like The Flash, Blue Beetle, and Shazam! Fury of the Gods earned underwhelming numbers at the global box office.