Netflix Cancels V-Wars And October Faction

By Rick Gonzales | 2 months ago

Netflix’s run of canceled one and done series continued when they announced that two of the three IDW-produced series on their network would not be returning for a second season. This recent announcement by the streaming giant came after they gave the green light for a second season to IDW’s Locke & Key. The two cancelled series in question (V-Wars, which premiered on December 23, 2019, and October Faction, which debuted on January 23, 2020) continues an upsetting Netflix cancellation trend.

Both V-Wars and October Faction join a long list of series that only made it through their first season. Other recent one and done’ers include AJ and the Queen, Messiah, Spinning Out, Daybreak, and Soundtrack among the many that have seen this same fate.

If these cancellations seem to be commonplace, well they are. Netflix doesn’t release their viewership numbers, though they do base their cancellations on internal data. After they review the returns from a series, they then consider whether their initial financial investment on a given series is worth bringing it back for another season or moving on to producing a different series that could bring in more subscribers. To many, it is a very frustrating business model, especially if the fan base for a particular series is passionate.

V-Wars Cancellation Reactions

IDW’s V-Wars drew a Rotten Tomatoes audience rating of 96%, so its cancellation is somewhat surprising. It was picked up straight to series and starred Vampire Diaries and Lost alum Ian Somerhalder as Dr. Luther Swann, who has to deal with the ultimate horror when his best friend, Michael Fayne (played by Adrian Holmes), is hit with a mysterious disease transforming him into a vampire. The disease spreads, transforming others into vampires, pitting the normal people against vampires. Swann finds himself in a race against time trying to determine what is happening and how to combat it while Fayne rises as the underground vampire leader. The series is based on the V-Wars franchise written by New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry.

Fans of the series did not react kindly to the news of the cancellation.

October Faction Cancellation Reactions

It may be a little easier to see why October Faction was cancelled as critics and audience reaction was not as strong. The audience rating for the Netflix show on Rotten Tomatoes was a mere 49%.

The series was based on an IDW title that was written by Steve Niles. The one season starred Tamara Taylor (Bones, Altered Carbon) and J.C. MacKenzie (The Irishman, Madame Secretary) as married couple Deloris and Fred Allen who also work together hunting monsters. They return to their hometown in upstate New York after the death of Fred’s father and soon discover that their town isn’t as peaceful as it looks. They are joined by their twin teenage children, Viv and Geoff. The Allen’s are part of the Presidio, a secret organization of supernatural monster hunters that wish to remain secret.

The series co-starred Wendie Crewson (The Santa Clause franchise), Aurora Burghart (There She Goes, Sex Education), and Gabriel Darku (American Gods, Impulse). Even though the audience numbers weren’t high, reaction to the cancellation still wasn’t popular.

One thing for certain though when it comes to a new series from Netflix, don’t get attached. Netflix cancellation is always looming. Chances are good it’s a one and done.

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