See Natalie Portman Taking Mjolnir To Become The New Thor

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

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Are we getting more clues about what will happen when Natalie Portman picks up Mjölnir? We have a new video from behind-the-scenes on Thor: Love and Thunder. What we can see here clearly shows that Natalie Portman’s character, Jane Foster, is not having the best time ever. No one said becoming Mighty Thor was going to be easy. 

In this footage, we can see that Natalie Portman is in the air. Jane Foster, an astrophysicist, is wearing similar clothes to what we’ve seen in the past. This suggests that her character hasn’t yet transformed into Mighty Thor. While levitating, Jane Foster thrashes about like she’s being tossed by wind, magic, or by a great deal of pain. The men in blue helping hold her up will be photoshopped out. When the CGI is done, this footage is going to have a lot more to say about what Jane Foster is experiencing in this scene, but we can tell a fair amount from this already.

The location for this moment is central to what we’re seeing happening here. We know that the movie is revisiting the place where Odin died. The white monument behind Natalie Portman is in memory of Odin. This is also where Hela destroyed Mjölnir in Thor: Ragnarok. We have a closer look at the location via photos below.

We don’t yet know how Mjölnir will be reassembled. Will Thor himself find a way? With Natalie Portman at this location thrashing in the air, it seems fair to guess that something will happen between her and the hammer. This will hopefully be when Mjölnir becomes whole again and possibly be turning Jane Foster into Mighty Thor in the same moment. Of course, this is only speculation at this point.

Natalie Portman is currently filming Thor: Love and Thunder in Sydney, Australia. The movie is being directed by Taika Waititi, the filmmaker behind Thor: Ragnarok. So far, we know that the storyline for Thor 4 is inspired by the material from the Mighty Thor comics. In that storyline, Jane Foster has cancer. Her character is undergoing treatment. Then, fate intervenes. She picks up Mjölnir and becomes Mighty Thor. However, picking up Thor’s Hammer and taking on superpowers comes at a heavy cost. Saving the world conflicts with her chemotherapy treatments. She has big decisions to make, as all heroes do. We don’t yet know how much of the storyline from the Mighty Thor comics is being used in the movie. Taika Waititi has been asked about it but has been coy. 

While Marvel is always tight-lipped and actors aren’t allowed to say much, Natalie Portman has confirmed that she does pick up Mjölnir. The actress has also confirmed she has read the comics. In interviews, she has shared that she worked out a fair amount so she would look buff standing next to Chris Hemsworth. Other photos from behind-the-scenes have had fans talking about how much stronger she looks. 

Natalie Portman

It’s been a long wait to see Natalie Portman back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will be exciting to see how the events from Ragnarok and the comic storyline for Mighty Thor come together in the movie. Thor: Love and Thunder releases February 11, 2022.