See Natalie Portman Returning In Thor 4, Becoming The New Thor

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen much of Jane Foster, but Natalie Portman is bringing the character back in a big way for Thor: Love and Thunder. Marvel keeps their stories tightly under wraps. Their actors are warned they have to say as little as possible in interviews. Still, a hungry audience has their ways. The Daily Mail has snapped a few of the very first images of Natalie Portman on set as Mighty Thor. See the pictures posted on Twitter here. 

The first image seems like it could be a pretty big moment. Natalie Portman is wearing clothes we’re used to seeing her character in. Astrophysicist Jane Foster was known for typical jeans, sneakers, and sweatshirts. But in this first picture, we’re seeing her in the air. The men in blue will be photoshopped out in post-production. This suggests that when Jane Foster becomes Mighty Thor, she’ll likely be able to fly. Since she’s still wearing clothes we know her character used to wear, it also suggests this could be her first moment flying as Mighty Thor. Of course, this is speculation. She could also be levitating by other means. It could be that another character is using their own power to levitate Jane Foster.

The little we know about Thor: Love and Thunder so far is that Natalie Portman will be returning as Jane Foster. We know she’ll soon have the powers of Thor. The actress has confirmed in interviews that her character gets to pick up and wield Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer. We also know that a lot of the inspiration will be coming from Mighty Thor. The comic run was written by Jason Aaron and drawn by artist Russell Dauterman. Mighty Thor told the story of Jane Foster as she underwent treatment for breast cancer. During treatment, her character becomes the new Thor. However, this complicates her treatment plans. Do you save the world or continue with chemotherapy treatments? 

Often, Marvel movies stray from the material based in the comic books. We won’t know how true to the comics Thor: Love and Thunder stays until after we see the movie. However, Natalie Portman has confirmed that her character has cancer. She also sounds like she has read the Mighty Thor comics based on her statements. The actress has also shared stories about working out so she looks buffer standing next to Chris Hemsworth for the film. 

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Thor: Love and Thunder is currently filming in Australia. This new look at Natalie Portman follows up a peek at Valkyrie on the set. We’ll likely be getting a lot more behind-the-scenes looks as the weeks go on.

The movie is being directed by Taika Waititi, who co-wrote the script with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. Waititi earned a great deal of respect from Marvel fans after directing Thor: Ragnarok, so expectations are high for his new take. Audiences have waited a long time for Natalie Portman to return after Thor: The Dark World in 2013. That movie has often been considered one of the worst Marvel installments. A Taika Waititi film with Mighty Thor seems like the most fitting way to bring her character back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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