Moon Knight Season 2 Cancelled By Marvel?

Oscar Isaac is discussing the possibility of a second season of Moon Knight, and he's not offering up any positive updates.

By Britta DeVore | Published

Since first premiering at the end of March, the Oscar Isaac-led Moon Knight was an immediate hit for Marvel. With other fan favorites including WandaVision not receiving a second season for obvious reasons (although we’re grateful that our beloved Agatha is landing her own spinoff project), followers have been clamoring for more information when it comes to a sophomore season of the mystical split-personality MCU show. As we first reported just a few months ago that Moon Knight Season 2 would be on the way, according to a recent interview star Oscar Isaac gave Collider, that may not be the case – at least not yet.

During the conversation, conducted with Robert Johnson and scribe John Alvey, collaborators on his new graphic novel, Oscar Isaac revealed that as of right now, “there’s no official word” surrounding the followup season, but that he would continue “teasing” the possibility as he considers himself to be a self-proclaimed “cock tease.” Classic Isaac. Piggybacking off the leading actor’s responses both Alvey and Johnson – who are unrelated to Moon Knight – shared their thoughts. 

Alvey didn’t so much offer words of encouragement as much as he cheekily roasted Oscar Isaac for his comments surrounding being “a cock tease” saying, “that’s true.” But, Johnson did follow up Oscar Isaac’s sentiments on Moon Knight saying that if the actor and crew weren’t able to continue telling the superhero’s story, that they were “going to riot,” adding, “You, me and everybody else is going to riot if there isn’t. I’ll tell you that.” We’re loving the zest and dedication to friendship during the trio’s latest interview, filling us with hope that if Disney+ and Marvel don’t renew the series, supporters will storm the studio akin to the legendary march on Area 51 a few years ago. 

oscar isaac moon knight
Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight

As for Oscar Isaac’s latest non-Moon Knight related project, the actor has begun working on a comic book alongside Johnson and Alvey – both of whom he’s known since childhood. The piece titled, Head Wounds: Sparrow was released by Legendary Comics, so you can grab a copy of it now. The story centers around a detective who takes on the wounds and troubles of those who he was unable to protect and soon discovers that the only way to rid himself of his new problem is through vengeance. There’s also a supernatural bit thrown in for good measure with an ongoing battle between angels and demons fighting it out for total power. 

Meanwhile, quickly becoming a staple in Marvel legacy, Oscar Isaac’s turn as the titular character in Moon Knight was a much talked about project, leaving fans wanting more after the short-lived six-episode series bowed out in early May. Created by Jeremy Slater, the story follows several men living in the same body – particularly Marc Spector and Steven Grant. Throughout the well-penned production, fans were kept guessing as to the truth behind the regular guy who turned into a superhero at the drop of a hat, and if he was really just losing his mind or if he was all the personalities rolled into one. 

Outside of the Disney+ and Marvel series, Oscar Isaac has recently picked up a role in the on-screen adaptation of Metal Gear Solid and has teased a return to the Star Wars franchise at some point in the future. While the mysteries of Oscar Isaac donning the iconic costume of Moon Knight may be up in the air for now, we’d love to see the possibilities of where they could take the wacky character next.

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