The Jeff Goldblum Serial Killer Horror Thriller From The ’90s Hidden For Decades Needs Help, One Of His Greatest Performances Being Lost

By Charlene Badasie | Published

jeff goldblum mister frost

The 1990 Jeff Goldblum film Mister Frost risks being lost forever. The supernatural thriller is not available on any streaming platform and has not been released in 4K HD at this time. While the movie can be found on YouTube, it can be removed by the uploader at any time. It could also be flagged and removed due to copyright infringement as entire films are not supposed to be on the site.

The Cast

jeff goldblum mister frost

Directed by Philippe Setbon, the film stars Jeff Goldblum as a man who is brought into custody after several bodies are found buried in his backyard. The cast also includes Kathy Baker as Dr. Sarah Day, Alan Bates as Felix Detweiler, Jean-Pierre Cassel as Inspector Carelli, Roland Giraud as Dr. Reynhardt, and François Negret as Christopher.

A Serial Killer Or The Devil Himself?

jeff goldblum mister frost

The story begins when Detective Felix Detweiler goes to the grand English mansion of Mister Frost, whose first name remains unknown, to look into a report of a dead body. Without much prodding, Frost admits that he has multiple bodies buried in his yard. Frost gets arrested and ends up in a mental hospital in France.

During this time, the police can’t figure out who he really is. The detective quits his job and becomes fixated on Jeff Goldblum’s character and the 24 bodies unearthed from his garden. After two years of silence, Frost finally talks when he meets Sarah Day, a doctor at the hospital. Frost won’t speak to anyone but her, and he tells Day that he’s actually Satan.

Frost Vs. Day

He plans to make her so angry that she will kill him. Detweiler believes Frost is truly “the devil himself” and begs Day to listen to him. Day naturally doesn’t believe this, but strange things start happening around her.

Throughout the film, Mister Frost engages in a battle of wits with Day, who becomes increasingly fascinated and disturbed by his behavior.

What Is Real?

As the story unfolds, Mister Frost’s manipulation and influence over those around him become more apparent, blurring the lines between reality and delusion. The movie explores themes of identity, morality, and the nature of evil, with Jeff Goldblum delivering a chilling performance as the sinister character.

A Chilly Reception

Although Mister Frost only holds a 33 percent critics rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, it has earned a cult following over the years for its unique premise and Jeff Goldblum’s captivating portrayal. The movie also showcased his versatility as an actor, demonstrating his ability to embody complex and dark roles, expanding his range beyond the quirky and nerdy characters.

Despite some negative reviews, Mister Frost, written by Philippe Setbon, Derry Hall, Brad Lynch, and Louise Vincent, was praised for its insidious and intelligent portrayal of the Devil. The film is occasionally broadcast on television and was released on DVD in the Netherlands by distributor Dutch Film Works. It is currently unclear if the iconic Jeff Goldblum movie will ever be snapped up by a streaming service