The Disney+ Sci-Fi Action Anime Is The Perfect Binge Watch

By Jacob VanGundy | Published

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While One-Punch Man fans are anticipating the long-awaited third season of the hit anime, there’s another anime adaptation of a manga from the same creator that’s just as great. Mob Psycho 100 is One’s follow-up to One-Punch Man and shares a lot of the same themes and ideas. Its mixture of comedy and supernatural action is perfect and sure to satisfy fans of One’s particular brand of humor. 

Mob Psycho Is A Middle Schooler

Much like One-Punch Man has Saitama, an unbeatable superhero, Mob Psycho centers on Mob a middle schooler who is the world’s most powerful psychic. But unlike Saitama, who wants to be a superhero, Mob just wants to be a normal, popular, kid while everyone around him is obsessed with his powers.

His power is also much more of a burden, with Mob constantly trying to suppress his powers by keeping his temperament even. 

Mob Psycho’s Characters

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Mob Psycho has a fantastic cast of humorous characters built up around Mob, often bouncing off his subdued nature with wild personalities.

Some of the most prominent characters brought in by Mob’s powers are his con artist master Reigen, an evil ghost turned opportunistic ally Dimple, and rival psychic Teru.

Mob’s personal connections also add to the cast adding a bit more personal drama by including Mob’s jealous young brother Ritsu and schoolmates like the psychic club with no psychic powers and a school paper journalist investigating Mob. 

Smash Hit Manga

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Like One-Punch Man before it, Mob Psycho began as a webcomic drawn and written by One before becoming an anime.

The manga was a smash hit, with millions of physical copies sold in addition to its online readership and multiple awards including a Shogakukan Manga Award for best shonen.

The manga was even successful enough to warrant a spin-off manga, Reigen, about Mob’s master who runs a con artist business pretending to be a medium without actually possessing any abilities.  

Hit With Critics

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The anime was also well received both by critics and the general audience throughout all three of its seasons.

Unlike One-Punch Man which has been plagued with production issues and delays, Mob Psycho released its complete three-season run with consistent quality, retaining its pristine reputation.

Everything from its comedic timing to its stellar animation is phenomenally done, making Mob Psycho 100 a near-perfect anime.  

Light Tone And Crisp Pace

It’s a bit of a joke within anime fandom that most anime either have hundreds of episodes with lots of pointless filler or end after one season leaving fans wishing for more, but Mob Psycho is the exception to that stereotype.

At three seasons telling a complete story, it’s immaculately paced and doesn’t overstay its welcome. With its light tone and crisp pace it’s a great anime to binger over a few days. 

Mob Psycho On Disney Plus With Hulu

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Mob Psycho 100 is the perfect anime to tide One-Punch Man fans over while they wait for the third season. It’s also a great show for fans of either comedy or supernatural action anime like Bleach or Soul Eater, or even for fans who are new to anime. Mob Psycho 100 is available on Disney Plus with a Hulu subscription.