Michelle Yeoh Cast In The New Russo Brothers Film

Michelle Yeoh is joining the Russo Brothers' next film, one that should be another massive hit for Netflix.

By Mark McKee | Published

Michelle Yeoh

Netflix is working on compiling a list of all the most recently successful actors and directors in an attempt to capture the perfect storm. After The Gray Man became the fifth-most watched film on the streaming service, The Russo Brothers were eagerly snatched up for another go. Of course, Millie Bobby Brown is a favorite over at Netflix with her starring roles in Stranger Things and Enola Holmes. And finally, the streaming service went to a competitor to find their last star. Chris Pratt is still riding high on the success of The Terminal List. But the team over at Netflix isn’t finished; they have landed a few more names for the new project, most notably Michelle Yeoh. 

Deadline reports that Michelle Yeoh not only joins Pratt and Brown but also is starring alongside Jason Alexander (SeinfeldShallow Hal), Brian Cox (SuccessionX-2), Jenny Slate (House of LiesParks and Recreation), and Stanley Tucci (The Lovely BonesCaptain America: The First Avenger). With everyone else coming off their own successes, Yeoh has to bring her own to the table, and she does with her most recent theater smash. She is on the tongues of many critics as a shoo-in for Acadamy Award nominations for her leading role in Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

The Electric State will be a film adaptation of an illustrated story of the same title. The book by Simon Stålenhag follows a young girl and her robot as they cross the American West. The landscape is in the near future bordering on dystopian. The girl and her robot exist in a world filled with discarded robotic battle drones, and a population addicted to the world in virtual reality. The world continues to change as their mission gets more and more perilous. The book is often compared to Ready, Player One and Black Mirror. With those comparisons, Michelle Yeoh and company have something special in front of them. 

The Russo Brothers have proven to be some of Hollywood’s prolific and talented directors. Their time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe saw them change the landscape of the franchise with Captain America: Winter Soldier and bring everyone together in the impossible task of ending the Infinity Saga with Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. They have since reconnected with MCU veterans Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans with two successful Netflix properties. Now they seem to be uniting a new list of A-list stars in a brand new property. While they again are reuniting with an Avenger, they also have the veteran talents of Michelle Yeoh to help them carry it. 

Michelle Yeoh has been making waves in Hollywood for decades in films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonMemoirs of a Geisha, and Pierce Brosnan’s second outing as James Bond, Tomorrow Never Dies. On the heels of the announcement she will be receiving an honorary doctorate from the American Film Institute, Yeoh is wasting no time pushing her career along with yet another appearance in a blockbuster. While the details of her role are still under wraps, you can bet she will be phenomenal.