The Sandman Season 2 Will Give Fans Everything They’re Begging For

By Nina Phillips | Updated

the sandman season 2

While The Sandman Season 2 is mostly shrouded in mystery, one actress is eager to share information with fans. Kirby Howell-Baptiste played Death in one episode of the first season of The Sandman. Though she wasn’t seen in much of the first season, she said Death will be much more present in the next season. She also shared that while season one was great, the next season is sure to bring in even more amazing episodes.

More Death, Literally

sandman season 2

“It’s been fantastic going back actually, because this season, I think fans will be very excited for the episodes,” Howell-Baptiste told Collider. “It feels like the show is a two-way street, it’s not just us putting something out, it’s Neil listening, responding to the fans, and then, in turn, giving them the things that they are asking for, yelling for, begging for. So I think fans are gonna be really excited to have these stories expanded and have the complexities, and the family and, and all of those dynamics, see them even more this season, this continuation of episodes.”

What We Can Expect

Though Kirby Howell-Baptiste’s quote doesn’t reveal much about The Sandman Season 2, it does have a good chance of hyping up new and old fans. As amazing as the original comics were, it’s not easy to change a comic to a TV show without making some minor adjustments.

Without spoiling the show, there are a few things fans can expect from Sandman Season 2. Since season one covered the plot in the first two-and-a-half collections of the comic–just shy of the first 20 issues–it makes sense that the next season will cover another couple of collections.

If they keep the same pace–and assuming the Netflix series means to cover the vents of the source material in chronological order–this means that some or all of the fifth collection should be covered by the end of season two. This means that The Sandman Season 2 will finish off Dream Country, and then get into Season of Mists and A Game of You.

More Of The Endless

sandman season 2

Neil Gaiman has also hinted that the upcoming season will delve deeper into Dream and his family dynamics. This would include introducing new actors to the cast, as some of the family members were not yet introduced at the end of season one.

The Release

Though The Sandman Season 2 is definitely in production, there is no information about when the season is coming. While Netflix did confirm that there would be a second season, the company wasn’t as forthcoming with other information.

A Different Kind Of Netflix Release

There could be a good reason why there’s no release date yet. Tom’s Guide writer Malcolm McMillan suspects that the season won’t be released in the typical ways. Most of the time on Netflix, TV show seasons are released so all the episodes are available at once, or in a more traditional fashion where one episode comes out a week.

Some think that Netflix will release groups of episodes as volumes. Basically, each volume would cover a particular arc or small story in the bigger universe. Then, there would be a pause before the next one is released.

The Sandman Season 2 is theorized to be broken into two different volumes.

Delayed By The Strikes

Originally, the first was supposed to release one group near October or November of 2023 and the other near April or June of 2024.

Unfortunately, with the writing strikes, the dates were pushed back. While filming resumed at the end of November 2023, there was no information released on how far off-track the production was, or how close they were to releasing new episodes.

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